Saturday, December 12, 2009

Therapy Fruits

I personally think hobbies are for rich people or people with extra money. They really are darn expensive, don't they?

I was at Leisure Mall the other day.... well, that wasn't really where I was supposed to be actually. It was somewhere nearby the Mall and I ended up there - partly lost, mainly on purpose. Tell me, who can resist a shopping mall? And I stumbled upon this needlework shop aka cross-stitch haven. Just the kind of shop I was looking for.... errr that was sudden!! *OCD attack alert*. And in an instant, everything I saw was affordable. The charts, the threads, the needles, in fact every single thing they have there that I decided to buy 3 charts at the same time. The owner said charts may not be available all the time but threads do. Since the chart I picked has another two similar designs which, according to her, would look fantastic on the wall with all three designs put together, I actually succumb to the suggestion. Just look at these charts I know you would agree. I completely have lost my mind as I know the time that I have right now would be gone once school reopens. Not to mention my other work-in-progress. But what is done is done.
But what I'm saying here is hobbies are expensive. Take for instance my cross stitch pattern. A single pattern costs me 8 bucks each. Well, that's a good pattern. Simple ones 5 bucks.. then again, who wants a simple one for something that you love to do aka hobby when the difference with the good one is only 3 bucks? Then along comes the 'condiments' - for a yard long thread which you use merely 6inc (in some cases below 6inc), you pay 1.50 although you get to keep the remaining part for as long as you live la. MEMBAZIR!!! But then it comes back to the things you love to do... so you compel. The cloth is about 88 per metre but you only need half a metre which depending on charts, you only use some 30% of it, unless you have 3 charts which in my case. My point is when comes to hobbies, you just pay whatever price for it.

Of Farm and Ville

I received a lot of invitation to be neighbours with my FB buddies in the highly addictive game of FarmVille. And since it is dangerously addictive.... I kept my distance, reason being I will be as insanely addictive as the game. Until recently when no. 2 is seriously into this game and no. 3 and no. 4 are watching and beginning to realise that this game, in fact all games featured in FB for that matter, is far more interesting and fun than those games they have encountered on the internet. Left with no choice - ha ha ha, like I lack control or is it because I am also curious myself how the game is played and how almost 80% of my FB buddies have become serious farmers since - I let them play using my FB. And they are SOOO hooked right now.

Now, not only I have Farmville, I have Fishville, Petville, Cafeville... (err or is it Cafe world?) in my account. All these ville are maintained by no. 3 and 4 with the help and guidance as well as advice from no. 2. What great farmers they would be! The positive side of this I hope they will understand how money works. And be more giving than receiving - both virtually and presently. Uhmm I really do hope so you know.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Leaving on a train

Hari tu kitorang balik kampung naik keretapi. First experience la untuk budak2 ni... semua excited gila. Walaupun menempuh berbagai cabaran ketika nak beli tiket ketapi tu... iye la, first attempt tiket habis... second attempt, counter tiket dah tutup... third attempt nak balik train 8.30 pagi tkde sapa pulak yang bangun... and finally fourth attempt, tiket ada tapi kelas satu je pulak.... nak tak nak pegi gak le. Abih dah memasing 'berbondong2' bawak beg ke stesen sentral tu kan. Lagi pun sian la plak tengok budak2 ni excited gila... sampai no. 1 pun terlebih excited. Unsangkarable!!!!!

Perjalanan okay la... train delay kat sejam gak. Pukul 7 baru sampai kampung. Kononnya esok tu nak balik naik ketapi gak le... malangnya tiket plak habis. Cite apa, cuti sekolah kan... mesti abis nye! Nanti plan nak naik ketapi gak le bila balik kampung lepas ni.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Emotion Rollercoaster

I am glad to announce to the world that I have finished my third book this month only. Yeah, you read it correct...... within. a. month!! By this I don't mean I have written 3 books.... I have only read, okay. Despite my whining about the endless housework that I have to do, how limited my time is to spend on hobby.... I have managed so far 3 books in November only. heh heh heh super achiever!!!!! And don't be surprised, I keep on adding. Again... reading not writing.

This last book that I read was My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult. It's a definitely page turning book, hardly putdownable that I kept reading while nursing no. 5 (and I swear I could've kept reading it while doing the housework too if I could) and it took me 3 days to finish the whole book (although that still couldn't break my record for finishing Jane Green's To Have and To Hold within 24 hours). It is indeed a good read and highly recommended. And I can't agree more with all those fantastic reviews of this book. I really loved reading this book. Towards the end, I was crying uncontrollably - if you must know how good this book is.

I think that crying part probably was mainly hormonal. You see, it was an unexpected and twisted ending and was sad too but to have me crying uncontrollably was something that I believe have to do with the hormones. These days, I am easily swayed by emotions - anger, sad, happy, down, up - whatever. But seriously, this isn't like me at all. Alright, I do have moods swing some time but not like this. It's definitely the hormones doing.

Come to think of it again, the weight gain these past two months must be the hormones doing as well. Don't blame me... when the hormones take control, there's not much that I can do.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Yayyyy!!! The washing machine is well already. Now can dump in as many loads as I wish. YAY !! I was downright stressful the past 2 weeks due to this you know.... and I am in an unimaginable stress right now as the machine which was supposed to be working is now kaput again. I only used it once.... and now another problem arose. Ugghhh!!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crippling mind

My mobile has gone kaputtt!!!!! My LIFE!!! My WINDOW to the outside worlddd!!!!

Of late, inspired by his father's enthusiasm in photography, no. 5 too wanted a camera of his own. The closest he get to his wish is my mobile phone cam which apparently has become his latest toy. I don't let him play but to make him quiet, I just have to give in.

Each time he's done using the mobile, he would pass it back to my hand. I was doing the dishes in a clogged sink that time and that was when the mobile ended up in the basin full of water. Not because it slipped off my hand but because he willfully slided it into the basin.

I have been very dependent on that gadget for years now. I used to memorise all phone numbers then, every number... well at least important numbers of friends and families, was at the tip of my finger. Now if asked of a friend's or family's number, without the mobile I have no knowledge of any. Even important date or appointments. Along with my things-to-do list. And most of my mental notes nonetheless. As well as some important text messages that worth keeping. Essentially, I have used my brain lesser by the day and become too dependent on that small equipment. Hence, when it didn't work... I felt like a cripple.

Technologies has done wonders so to speak to the extent they invade the important function of our system - the brain aka memory!

As for my mobile phone, I have already got a replacement - not brandnew but a hand-me-down one - which I am very grateful of. At this point, I'm still hoping that I could re-use my phone again. It does have sentimental value.

And lesson learnt - don't trust the mechanism for they will malfunction. If you can, memorise important data for memorising is the best food for the brain.

Which one is first?

Could someone please tell me which one comes first -
the breakfast or the exercise????

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yang Baru

Aku mahu jadi aku yang baru
sebelum bermulanya tahun baru.
Aku tahu aku perlu jadi yang baru
kerana semuanya akan ku tukarkan menjadi baru.
Cara kerja ku perlu baru.
Strateji ku perlu baru.
Pendekatan ku mesti baru.
Olahan ku harus baru.
Pengenalan ku nanti baru.
Cubaan tentulah baru.
Hasilnya pasti baru.


Aku juga perlu baju baru.
Kasut baru.
Seluar baru.
Aku mahu jadi orang baru.
Walau bukan berwajah baru.
Semoga aku mampu menjadi orang baru.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YAYYY!!! School holidays is here!!!!!

When all headaches begin (migraine would be a strong word, I think) *wink* Double yayy for the fact that I don't have to ferry them to school. At least for the next 45 days. heh heh In exchange, I have to face with a great deal of:
  • endless bickerings, squabbling, shouting, yelling, quarelling. I tell you, these will sure drive me up the wall.
  • endless cartoon programmes. Till your eyes pop out but you get to know all the cartoon characters though.
  • a very long queue to get on the internet. I've drawn up rules that each person get to use the internet 2 hours per day and whoever break the rule will end up with no internet the next day. ha ha ha and I tell you, this is where the major fight will start.
  • round the clock hunger attacks. They get hungry all the time, if only I have some kind of a food feeder machine. Very likely that the kitchen would be where I spend my time most this holiday.

hmmm so much for being excited not having to spend time on the road!!!!! Hope it's going to be a great school holiday nonetheless.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Went to a fitness store the other day and got a shock of my life - over the past few weeks, I have gained 3kgs and my body fat percentage shot up to 36%. MY OH MY!!!! No matter how much I wanted to blame the wrong data given to the machine and convince myself that gaining weight does not really matter what's important is happiness but seeing that figure however, affected me to a certain degree. Must do something. Really must do something! Not so ambitious but at least back to normal.

note: yeah, rite! like i really can control my diet....... those who stay close to me know how much i eat, how i eat and the things i choose to eat. the fact that i am fat reflects so much on what i eat (yeah.. like no one knows that...). honestly anyway, i love eating just like other normal people. there are a lot of edible things that i really adore... and sadly i am picky about veggies. i can eat salad.. you know, lettuce and the kind.... and of course i love them... only that other things catch my eyes first.. hence my dumping on salads or veggie. seriously tho, i need to review my diet if being fat is my main concern now. and the fact that my passion towards baking is growing these days is slowing down the effort of reviewing what i eat. i know i need therapy.... but all i can think right now is kitchen and food therapy. but i don't want to be fat... or rather stay fat. ugh!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mechanicals Showdown

The two important electrical equipments in the house are acting up - the TV and the washing machine.

TV has been out since about a month and a half but last week it went back to normal although there was slight glitch when turning it on. This week it was completely out.

Washing machine was also cranky. First, it couldn't control the water that came in. Then, it was ok.. back to normal. Last few days, it couldn't even cycle but could still take in water and spin.

I know I should send those two for repair... but I have no idea why I am still postponing it. Seriously, these electrical equipments these days don't last long... unlike those days.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Hobbit

He has a new hobby now - photography. So our weekends are now spent outside. Some are planned, some are just spur of the moment decision. It is fun. You get to go places you never thought of going before and you get to go to some places more than a time. It is really fun and refreshing, what's more your weekends won't be the same anymore. Except when it has been raining for few days and that particular weekend happen to be a very sunny weekend and the 2 loads of laundry desperately need sunshine. Except when he gets to do what he wants to do and I only get to follow. Except when I have to control the 3 little ones like one mad woman out there while he's wrapped up with the surrounding and I am later weary from exhaustion.

Not just that. He likes to shoot animals and plants. And buildings and scenery too. After 3 months, I realised that there are weekends that I like spent elsewhere rather than spending time staring at caged animals or plants or some lifeless structure or architecture.... you know, once a while spending time staring at those lifeless things being displayed in windows in the shopping malls, for instance, would give me a different perspective and keep me update too with the current affair. But then, he insists that I tag along every time he goes outing which the 3 little ones enjoy so much apparently. So I'm left with no choice.

Maybe I too should take up a hobby. So when he gets to pursue what he likes, I get to do the same too. Although not at the same time. But all my hobbies (heh heh ALL eh? just how many do I have? it's a serious hobbyholics case! ha ha ha) are domestic material, like cross stitching or my needleworks requires me to be stationary, reading requires a quiet and comfy place again not moving, baking definitely need to be done in a kitchen and mug collecting relies on friends and relatives who go overseas. What is it that's something 'outdoory' and natural and fun to do?

Perhaps I can pick up a new or similar one to photography though - like developing passion at staring at caged animals maybe or be profoundly obsessed with flora and fauna. hmmm....

Please don't misunderstand my statement. Of course I like these outings and of course I'm all for the photography thingy. For what it's worth... it makes us look forward to every weekends and we do learn a lot from them. Only when I don't get to do things I want to do or do things I have to do. That's all.

Upset beyond belief

I'm not upset. I am beyond upset. For anything that happens, and as I've always loved saying and believing in it, there's always a reason, or reasonssss for that matter, behind it. It is how you look at it and react towards it. There's always two sides of things, more so two sides of seeing things. Not to mention the two consequences that follow suit. Either side or sight or consequence, I believe it is you who decide.

Life is short. Life is about making choices.There's no time to fuss over things that have already happened. When they happen, acknowledge them, learn whatever lessons from them and move on. What's so hard about that? Is it not that's what life is all about? What do you gain pinpointing fingers, saying words that hurt, making unnecessary remark, what's more humiliating people?

At the end of the day, it's what you prioritise in life - protecting or hurting your loved ones or your not so loved ones. Whatever. You choose.

Hah... now I am less upset. Still upset but lesser..... which should be better, right? Life is short anyway. Right.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Books and I v2009-2

Now that I am at it, I realised that I haven't been reading for some time this year. The other day while at Amazon, I was contemplating to get Ms Ahern's and Ms Green's latest books as opposed to many others that were on discounts. But when my attention was interrupted, the desire to own these books vanished. I am easily distracted these days I notice.

For the statistics, this year so far I managed to finish Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess (thru Amazon procurement) and Cathy Kelly's Past Secrets. ONLY!

Hope to do better next year. Maybe I should get some Cathy Kelly's or Sophie Kinsella's or Jane Green's or Cecelia Ahern's.... (heh, notice how I so adore these writers that I dare not try other equally good authors.... and the choice is so 'chick-litty'.... playing safe here just so I don't become too ambitious knowing how occupied my time would be or rather has always been). Or perhaps just browse through the Niece's bookshelf first as I can remember she has quite a number of good readings over there. That'd save me some extra money there.. errr but sometimes I have a disturbing urge of buying than borrowing. Satisfaction, eh?

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that although I did less reading this year, I did buy 2 books though - Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess and The Whimsical Bakehouse... hmm attention diversion that's why less reading and more baking. I got Cathy Kelly's Past Secrets as my birthday gift too.

I love reading!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Write, Wrote, Written

I'm beginning to think that I am not able to do this blog-writing thingy. Every time I try to type, the head goes blank. Like it stops working.... tripped and in a blackout for as long as I am in front of the monitor. Whereas the ideas are flowing 'unstoppablely' while I am doing other things like driving and cooking for instance. Yep! The moment I try to put it in writing or even typing... it just vanish.

I used to write it down before, you know all the ideas for writing.... that also didn't work. I guess it's due to the less time I use my brain. Or have I stopped using it altogether? Ahh.... the house chores are eating me up!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Boleh tak....

Boleh tak aku tak payah masak hari ni?
Boleh tak sekali sekala dorg cari makan sendiri?
Boleh tak aku duduk je buat2 tak dengar?
Boleh tak aku tak buat apa-apa hari ni?

Am about to get sick...

Feel like calling in sick today.. but who do I call?? Who would grant me the sick leave? And the no. 1 question: who is taking over? The correct answers to all 3 qs is: NO ONE. But I am feeling sick.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What's wrong, Kembara?

The other day, he sent Kembara for service. Of course not at Perodua authorised centre... at the present economic condition, we really can't afford. But I'd say other 'private' service centres do quite a good job too IF you can get a real good one and IF they are trusted mechanics. Anyway, the one that he sent to has been doing a good job ever since. In fact, this wasn't the first time Kembara was treated there.

But then this time Kembara came back cranky. I filled up RM50 fuel and it dried up merely two days later. Again I tried filling it up with RM30. It was dried the very next day. Before, RM50 will take me to numerous school trips back and forth. Now just 5 trips and that was it. And it emitted foul smell too. And black smoke at the same time. My, I have been contributing to the existing pollution with that smell and smoke all over Cheras.

He took it back to the mechanics and they too were clueless as to what was wrong. Days later, he tried to change the spark plugs. Kembara improved slightly but very early to tell. At least, it didn't just consumed the RM50 petrol in one big gulp.

What's really wrong Kembara? Tell me. Is it the service? Or is it the petrol? Or did u overhear someone plans to replace you because if you do, that is untrue. I have no intention of doing so, trust me. So please tell me what is wrong?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm mourning...

Not because MJ is gone but because of the loss of my 2 most valuable tools in just 3 week period.

First, it was my junior mixing bowl. I lost the senior one in 2007. This I bought in 2005 during the warehouse sale and it was damn good bargain. And I fell in love with it ever since. First, it being a glass mixing bowl. Second, it being Anchor Hocking. Now I have lost both. Should've bought more last time, eh?

Then, my Pyrex measuring cup. I got this thru Metrojaya redemption coupon. The actual price was RM38. phewwww!!!! But of course I got it for free - for actually spending hundreds at Metrojaya. Anyway...

I know there are loads of mixing bowls and measuring cups out there but I, on the other hand, make it a point to have certain types of tools for my baking projects. Not that they make tastier cakes or give extraordinary results... I just prefer it that way. It kind of gives you the vibes... get you into the mood of baking. It simply makes me feel good while baking or just by keeping them - because there are times when I bake, I pretend that I do my own baking show. ;> Besides, they are good investments.

For what it's worth, with these two losses my passion for baking is adversely affected. Not for long I hope....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kasut merah itu

When you get a hand-me-down shoes, or any other things for that matter, do you normally return them when you no longer need them? Or when you give away your shoes which of course is still in good condition to a person, do you expect that person to return them to you when they no longer need them? At least I don't. In both situations obviously.

So when I got back the red shoes that was given away some time ago to a relative, I was rather taken aback. What's more when the sole of one pair is almost coming out. Not to mention the inscription of the image on the front had already come off. I know it's still usable, in fact it fits no. 5 feet perfectly but why return it to me? Didn't ask for it, never ask for it. If you don't want it, throw it. Don't return it.

For whatever the reason is, I feel insulted.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The biggest loser

Back in April, I had this diet plan that I follow. All because of the figure although I am not obsessed. Also I wanted to feel good whenever I try on my old baju kurungs - saja nak torture mind, not that I have any functions whatsoever. Sha and Maz were also in this. All because we want to live a healthy life in a healthy body. And of course the diet plans varies, you know.. on certain days or times when we feel like eating what we want, we eat anyways regardless how high the calories let alone the fat, sugar and carbo contents. Or we would be on a no-rice plan for a few days and later on have a scrumptious meal that consist none other than RICE and its accompaniments. Nonetheless... we control our food intake. I think that's good enough. Hahaha like the plan gonna work that way huh?

It has been going on for almost 2 months now, the diet I mean. But of course being as easy a plan as it is, at times I don't bother about avoiding certain types of food especially dessert... where the most fat and calories come from I must say. That's when I became the biggest loser. While Sha and Maz eat what they want, they always have their workouts - swimming, running, aerobics, jogging etc. Whereas I do nothing except housework and at odd times (which is seldom), I do sit-ups. That makes me biggest loser number 1 among us 3.

Still I expect high results despite the low effort. That's why I am easily frustrated every time I step on the scale. The number doesn't change. Or if the number goes down a little, then there's the fat reading or the water reading that will go up.

But I personally think... if you are happy (being able to eat what you want), you will be healthy (being picky on types of food you consume). And having said that proves that I am definitely the biggest loser.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How I try to be organised

I really need to be more organised. These days the list of chores I have seemed so unaccomplishable. All the backlogs... ugghhh, 24 hours is never enough. If I skipped sleeping time, I'm pretty sure I will be up all night trying to finish whatever work is outstanding. It is never finished, it never even ends. In fact, the loads get more and more each day.

Honestly, I have always been a very disorganised person. A perfect example for tardiness. And I am plain lazy. I guess that explains all the backlogs. So much for trying to work smart *wink*, trying to do everything from having fun to having the work done at the same time. If you haven't noticed, housework can never end. Take the laundry, for instance. No matter how you try to load the dirty laundry in the machine, the basket however will never be empty. You clear it at 10.00 am, by 10.30 the same day, it is half full. By next morning, it's overloaded. Or perhaps the dirty dishes. You think you have cleaned all, and after an hour you come back into the kitchen, the sink is filled up again. Let's not talk about the dust, the mess, the rubbish because like the housework, they are no ends. Also because the person doing it is rather lazy.

So you see... if I were to concentrate on trying to make the house neat and tidy, spotless clean, how else do I find time to do the things that I like? Things that I want to do? Or at least have some entertainment? Or maybe just rest when there are clearly 6 persons contributing to the workloads and only one person doing it? The answer is never.

I have to do all these chores. But I have to be happy. At the same time I have to get the housework done in order to be happy happy. And in order to be happy happy, I have to be organised. How? I have no idea.

I need a plan. But I won't have high expectation on accomplishment wise. As long as all areas show progress, I would think that's an accomplishment already. Right? Let's not try to be ambitious in this impossibe world. Well, at least by now I already have my KPI drawn out.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad mommy

If there's a worst-mom-evah award, the honorable recipient would be myself I can assure you. I am indeed the baddest mom in the world.

Here's the top ten reasons why, although they probably have more in their list:
  1. I finished up a whole bar of Cadbury Almond Roasted chocolate all by myself. Not a tiny bit of it I shared with any five.
  2. I left no. 5 wailing in the house while I went out seeing friends and had a heckuva time.
  3. I forced, to the extent blackmailed, no. 3 to school despite his protests and excuses he gave on why he didn't want to go.
  4. I hold grudge against them whenever they disobey me, don't listen to me.
  5. When I am on the net or do my hobby and even on my TV night, I ignore the surrounding. And that includes no. 5.
  6. I get angry everytime no. 5 gets clingy. What breaks your heart is that he understands I am angry at him and he makes faces just so I don't get angrier.
  7. I feed them maggi mee, cepat dimasak sedap dimakan and a lot of other junkies.
  8. I nag, I judge, I criticise. ha ha ha and needless to say, good at it.
  9. I am a lazy mom. Not like other moms who do things for their children, I make them do things themselves ha ha ha like buat air teh, goreng telur, basuh kasut.
  10. I am not their best friend.

However, in my defense:
Point no. 1
I always share with them foodwise. I buy junkies they like when I buy groceries. And they don't even share them with me. So once a while when I need to pamper myself with chocolate, I get even.

Point no. 2
If I don't do this, God knows when I can go out winding down or taking a break. My life revolves around them, once a while I need a getaway since I can't be cast away. I have to. Plus a happy mom makes a happy family, right?

Point no. 3
Oh come on! It's school. It's education. Whatever the reasons are, I don't care. He must go to school even though he spends 2 or 3 periods doing nothing (you know.. teacher got meeting lah, teacher went for course la, teacher off duty la... bla bla bla), he must be in school.

Point no. 4
Of course!! I'm the mom. They are the children. They deliberately disobey me all the time. As cliche as it may be, children listen to the parents, particularly the mom. So I'm the mom. Period.
Point no. 5
Mom needs a break too. Only on Tuesday nights. Too much to ask? After all, it's not going to be Tuesday nights throughout the year, only until the season finale of the show. After that, Tuesday nights would be like any other nights. Like I said, I need break so that I don't break, get me? Further, when are the times that I can do what I want or what I like if I don't fight for it, ya?

Point no. 6
This is the thing with breastfeeding I tell you, the baby, who is now in his 19th month, gets soooo clingy, sooo attached that sometimes you are not able to do anything else but be by his side, feed him. Had he been bottlefed, life will sail much smoother I suppose. I don't have regrets anyway except only when I need to bake and when I need to use both hands.

Point no. 7
I am just sharing nice food with my children, anything wrong with that? Plus they all love it. Also make it easier for me a bit lah especially on my lazy days to cook. But I don't feed them everyday... once in a while.

Point no. 8
Doesn't that what all moms do? Nag is the top activity. Judge is a process of learning about the challenges the outside world offers. And criticise, ahhh.... a skill so sharp it's being polished everyday on four different people that you kinda feel something missing when you don't do it one day.

Point no. 9
The reason I do that is to enhance their survival skills. That's all. No bad intention. And because I am a lazy person. *wink*

Point no. 10
As much as I want to be their best friends, apparently I am not. Probably I am so bogged down with the housework that only occasionally I ask and talk to them about their day, the school, their homework. Although I am home all the time but when I make time for them, I do it hastily. I am too focus on the cooking, housekeeping, laundry and all the other endless chores. Bad mommy huh?

Well, I am not that bad, I must admit.... wait till you see what all 5 do to me. For what it's worth, I really want to be #1's, #2's, #3's, #4's and #5's best mom in the world!

Since it is still May, Happy Mommy's Day to all you great mommies and aunties alike.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dishonesty is the policy

There is definitely something wrong with Malaysian Postal Service or is it something wrong with the attitude of Malaysian mailman?

You see, last year, #1 and cousin made an online transaction. They purchase few Ts from UK together with some stickers and badges. Mode of delivery was via normal mail. Five Ts made it through. We waited for the last one but never arrived so we made enquiries to the company in UK. Actually, we did suspect that the mail could've been lost in transit - it made its way to KL only probably someone took it or simply lost in the mail. The company in UK came back saying that they were having some trouble with Malaysia orders as none of them were reaching their destination even though they had been sent 3, 4 times. We waited till they sorted the problem with our postal service.

Last week, it finally reached our residence. What really caught my attention was what I saw on the postman motorbike - the stickers. The very same stickers that didn't reach us. I would think that this person must have taken one of the packages although I know I can't accuse without any proof but it's a very rare brandname and according to #1 and cuz, this brandname is unpopular here and only known to certain teens. It's so impossible not to think otherwise.

So if next time you expect something in the mail and it doesn't arrive, go track it because it may end up in the postman's personal bag.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Journal of a FAILED Dieter

Day before Day One
Bought ingredients for diet recipes. All excited for this diet plan. Had the timetable all drawn out and put up on the fridge just so I won't stray from the plan. Had a pre-celebration - consumed nasi lemak, white rice and ikan masak kicap, a packet of munchy's nuss hazelnut wafer (I think around 10-12 pieces), a 250ml carton of chocolate milk, 1 piece of pulut panggang, 2 pieces of kuih bakar and list went on till midnight. hehehe... some preparation, huh?

Day One
Had oat in the morning, apple for mid-am snack, orange salad for lunch. Frankly, it felt like first day puasa. Melepeksss.... it was Sunday so I was home most of the time. Did exercise for 10 minutes, couldn't do more as no. 5 would sit on me whenever he saw me lying down. Very supportive brat!

Day Two
Another round of oat today for breakfast. Funnily though that I somehow crave for food when on non-diet days I couldn't care less about food, take for instance the fish curry I cooked. Hmmm... I supposed this is what they call carbo craving. Had cheated a bit... had no heart to see the fish untouched so I kinda snack on that. Hah!! Anyway, exercise as usual - 10 minutes.

Day Three
Felt like dropping the whole plan altogether. Just couldn't take it. The recipes were simple, but it was a bit time consuming as I had to prepare them rather early, like soaking the beans and lentils the night before. Errmm although making the french or yogurt dressing only take up less than 5 minutes of my time. Here is when I started to make excuses for not eating right. What's more, the sambal sotong and chicken rice I cooked for the family were pure temptations. Sambal is my favourite, irresistable! So again I cheated... mix the rice with the leftover sambal and had that for lunch. mmmmmm.. really satisfying!

Day Four
It was raining heavily in the morning. As always, I associate rain with hunger. You know when the normal feeling you have when it's cold, the tummy seems to be talking. A lot. Still sticking to the diet plan though, bought nasi lemak for no. 1, 4 and 5. Ooohh the smell I tell you. Nearly tasted the sambal. Diet went smooth although couldn't really overcome the craving. Duh!

Day Five
And already I felt like the fiftieth day that I was deprived of sugar, carbo, protein etc etc aka FOOD. Honestly, no inspirational words neither the blue kebaya can change my mind at this point of time I can tell you. What's more there's sambal udang kertas and kembung asam pedas waiting down in the kitchen. Why in the world did I cook all the irresistable dishes while dieting - I totally have no idea.

Day Five - 5.30pm
I am officially a failed dieter. Started nibbling on the leftover apricots. Couldn't resist the cakes I baked for Maz... well this one I really had to - quality control purposes. Diet plan gone haywire.

Day Six and Seven
I was on oat and oatmeal on and off but slacking at every mealtime.

What I am trying to do is to have a balanced and healthy food since the waistline has stretched far more than I expected and it doesn't look like it's decreasing at all that I started hating it. I mean, if you don't start now, when will be the perfect time, right? But it only proved one thing - I just don't have the will power. I am weaky weaky WEAK. Very poor at disciplining myself. Not that I don't get support. In fact, I have Sha who constantly called to check what I had that particular day and reminded me of my goals. Sadly, that is not enough. A failure I am, up to this moment I haven't got the gut to stand on the scale yet although the one I stood on in the supermarket showed encouraging figure while the one at home showed totally different figure.

Anyhow, while I find it hard to be on this diet regime, I would stick to my oat and wholemeal bread somehow.... If you must know that ever since I started this diet, Sha has been filling me up with all sorts of other diet plans - the no-rice plan, the all-oat plan, the on n off plan.. in fact I came up with a plan too - book-way and Sha's-way plan. ;> Guess I'd stick to my new plan and hope that in time I will be able to follow the diet and reach my target.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why I hate traffic offenders!!!!

  1. Well, who doesn't?
  2. I am an amatuer driver. I am indecisive at times when approaching a T-junction or making a turn at a junction, what's more at a busy road. So please respect that, don't honk unnecessarily.
  3. I have children in my car when I'm on the road and I take extra precaution to make sure that I travel safely with them especially when I'm on the road almost every two hours every day.
  4. Their mistakes, we pay.
  5. They run the red lights and when they do, they make it look like they own the road. I do run red lights only when I feel safe *wink*. I have kids in my car, remember? And of course I want to show them the importance of road safety. Ibu is not a bad driver.
  6. They are the most sickening lot of people who think their time is the most important in the world. If you want to reach whatever place early, go out early la.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Creepy slimy creature

Now tell me how did the slug get into my kitchen sink???? Ewwwwww...

I was up late last nite baking some cakes for Maz when I saw that creature in the sink. That wasn't the first time, a second slug I found in my kitchen sink. Is there any superstitious about slugs on a Thursday nite, or rather on a malam Jumaat? It gave me the creep when thinking about it, let alone seeing an almost 6inch slug in the kitchen sink who appeared out of nowhere. I mean, it was just there. It was not like it just came crawling from outside the window or from down the floor.... it was just there. Already there. In the kitchen sink. I was at the kitchen sink a few seconds before and when I turned, it was already there. And bloated some more. Ewwwwwww

Could it have climbed up from the sink hole? Couldn't be as it was too big to fit into the hole cover. Could it have been there all this while and I didn't notice it? But I cleaned the sink before I started baking. What exactly attracted the slug to the kitchen sink, if it feeds on leaves.. there were no leaves there, neither was there any sort of plant but I did have some egg shells in it. Do they feed on egg shells??? No, they don't right? Ewwwwww

Oh well. I wanted to get rid of that creature so badly that I thought of sprinkling some salt on it. But backed off when I remembered the last time I did that, it secreted some sticky mucus that I could hardly bear the sight of it. There's no way I would go through cleaning the slimy trail again. Oh, helppp!!!!

Not long after, I saw the slug made a U-turn and as I watched, it made its way out through the window. So, that was where it came from, I supposed. Perhaps the slug was a curious case or it probably was a drunken slug who couldn't find its way back home and thought the cold steel of the kitchen sink was probably his home. 

Whatever it is, I don't want to think the unthinkable especially on a freaky malam Jumaat, also when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Not once, but twice.

Keupayaan telepathy

Selalu macam ni tau. Bila tak sebut, tak jadi apa-apa. Tapi bila sebut je, macam-macam jadi.

Earlier, aku ada cerita pasal kawan yang dah lama tak contact tu kan. Tup-tup sebaik sahaja nota aku pasal tu dipublishkan, dia call. Rasa bersalah lah pulak pasal merungut-rungut. Tu yang aku kata kadang-kadang kita ni semberono je dan tak memahami masalah orang. Ada dua kemungkinan - samada aku ni memang pemaaf orangnya ataupun aku tidak memiliki kesabaran yang tinggi.

Sama macam kalau anak sakit dan tak bawak pergi klinik. Berlarut-larut sakitnya padahal dah habis sebotol ubat demam. Tup-tup bawak je jumpa doktor, tak dan minum ubat lagi, demam dah hilang. Camne tu?

Telepathy kot. Macam-macam.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warehouse Sale crazy

Initially, it was a big decision I had to make and I had to make it fast. Really quickly. And I did.

I was at Mattel warehouse sale on Thursday. It was at spur of the moment that I decided to go there. At first, I was contemplating as I am not sure whether or not it was worth going since the place is quite far and the best time to go would be during office hours when traffic is less congested. I was planning to buy some Barbie's accessories and Hotwheels to add to the current collection, of the children's of course. None of which is necessary so to speak. I went anyway.

One reason, like I said earlier, is to buy toys obviously. The second is I wanted to witness the commotion. Some who went last time told me it was to die for. Hmm... come to think of it, I think I should participate in certain hot sale just to experience it. hah!!

Frankly, I haven't been to any Mattel warehouse sale. I am not really a toy-buyer kind of person nor do I have much to spend on toys by the way. And when I buy, I will choose the educational toys. I don't really encourage the children to buy more toys, what's more keeping a collection. Normally, I stress on making do with whatever is available. I mean, these little people here in my house are mostly irresponsible, careless, less appreciative - they hold on to their motto - for toys that they have lost, they can buy a new one. Do you think they care if I threaten to throw away the toys if they don't put them away after playing? Heck, NO. But somehow they have this idea up in their head for, like, forever. But then lately, I change. I give in whenever they want to add their collection, more so I am the one who gets too excited about keeping a collection. One hotwheel car costs 6 ringgit now, I guess that doesn't really make a big hole in your pocket. Neither does a pair of dress for Barbie which cost almost 25 ringgit. We go back to MasterCard commercial - Toys - 125 ringgit, to see the smile on my children face - priceless. So?

Back to Mattel sale. Gosh, I don't believe these people. I was only at the entrance of the shopping mall when I saw a lady with a full loaded trolley coming out. Oh dear, is this sale really fantastic or is it because that lady has so much money and has less idea on how to spend it (normal reaction for someone who seldom goes to a warehouse sale). And who said our economy is slowing down? Look at those people I met at this warehouse sale and it's only a toy sale. I made my way through although it was almost 4. Indeed, it wasn't really a good time to go as there was not much choice. Well, I don't have much to spend anyway. I got hold of a T-Rex Ramp Hotwheels set and 2 Barbie I Can Be sets. These were among the not many left by earlier customers, fyi.

One customer caught my attention with his huge purchases. So huge it was like he was going to sell them. I was tempted to pick up a Barbie bedroom set from one of the boxes near him when I heard him telling another customer - 'excuse me, that belongs to us too'! That belongs to us too???? So this particular customer must have mistakenly taken a toy from one of his boxes earlier - oh yes, they don't provide trolleys, they have boxes for you to put your purchase in. I don't want to know how much he spent for I know it is definitely a fortune.

I had to leave quickly as no. 3 finished school at 5.20pm and if the traffic was bad, it would take me half an hour to reach the school. I made a wise decision, not for coming to this sale unfortunately, but for making an instant decision on what to buy and heading up to the counter although while waiting I still looked around to see if they added more stocks. In the end, it took me half an hour to reach the counter.

If I were to go again, I must go on the first day itself and be there an hour before it opens - which of course I wouldn't do. For what it's worth, I opt for comfort over price cut.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day Out

It was a fine Friday morning, the weather was fine, the attitude was fine, the excitement was fine, the food was fine too. In fact everything was fine. It was indeed a fine day to go out. No, it didn't turn out bad. It was fine the whole day.

So as planned, we made our way to Janda Baik although we (my entourage, of course) were almost an hour late. Supposed to meet Sha and Maz at 9 but they ended up starting the journey without me. Thanks to my excess baggage - 3 teenagers. The 3 little ones were right on time, they were the excited ones. It was the three teenagers who were just eager to see where we were heading actually. So, eager minus excitement equals dilly dally. One of whom was having an asthma attack at the last minute but insist to go just so she wouldn't miss on anything. I was reluctant in the beginning to take her along but gave in, eventually, and let her go despite her condition. That was also another reason why we were behind time that day.

It was not difficult finding our way to Janda Baik although Sha was so concerned, I mean the LLM provides good signboards along the highway so what is there to worry. To Sha probably because she is used to that route that the signboards are probably oblivious to her. Also Sha is a good host naturally, for sure she was worried if in case we missed the junction and God knows where the road will lead us. I was not sure myself in the beginning but braved it through anyway and we reached Sha's hideaway at 11. Sha was really worried you know that she insisted she meet us half way and I agreed anyway although I assured her that we could find our way. That is to say I am quite good with directions - if given detailed direction, of course.*wink*

The place was indeed a perfect hideaway - private, serene, quiet, stunning. The sungai, oh.. it was so soothing, cool, cold and clear. It's at the right depth and width - hah, am no good at describing sungai. For the record, I haven't been 'in a sungai' for ages you see so among the seven of us (I am referring to my entourage of course) or perhaps Maz and Sha inclusive, I am the most excited person to be there. And the food, I tell you, was aplenty. Sha brought macaroni salad, sardines and snakcs for the children and mommies. Maz brought nasi, ayam kicap, sayur campur and the tasty sambal belimbing. While I brought pasta, fried mee hoon, tuna, bread, potato salad and chocolate cheese cupcake (this is a special treat for both Sha and Maz). Ermm, I wasn't showing off any culinary skills here, mind you, but I had to bring more to make sure that those who came together with me have enough to eat. 

We were only there for an hour when the three teenagers started to get bored. Hmm.. this is the reason why I was reluctant to take them along in the first place. The fun spoiler. What's more when they noticed that Genting is just a stone throw away, they had been distracted. Since that was my first time being in the sungai after not being in it for so long, also we had been planning for this for so long too, I ignored them. Well, they were the ones who wanted to follow so much, they have to go my way. Go entertain yourselves, ha ha.

The fun was just started when we saw grey clouds in the sky. I know we have been in the water for almost three hours, but it was so fun especially when the children just got acquainted with each other that you didn't notice that time fly. At 3.00, it started to rain. I was reluctant to come out of the water but before things get awry, I better do. It was a heavy downpour. I thought the girls were getting more bored so I decided to pack things up and leave in the rain but instead they enjoyed watching the water rose. It was good letting them know the importance of keeping the river clean, be responsible for the nature. I hope they learn something that day as they witnessed the rubbish brought about by the downpour - the used styrofoam, McDonalds plastic bags, logs, bamboos, even diapers. They even joked if there might be some corpses or something that would pass by. Hmmm.. thrilling, eh? Well at least they had fun too even it was already towards the end.

All good things must come to an end. So after watching the river flooded the steps, we made our way home. Boy, I didn't realise the impact of playing in the water is so great that I could barely lift my legs when we reached home, in fact I was literally flat that night. I had the most fun that day and we hope that Sha would have us over again.

Just so you know, I lost one of my limited edition tupperware during the rain. #5 tossed it in the river and although I felt I should jump into the water and save it, the sensible part of me acted fast. Even the girls thought I would jump in. I know it was a stupid thing to do but that is my limited edition collections. Anyway, it is the more reason the remember Sha's place.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some issues, huh?

Do you know of a person who had been a good friend, came to you for advice and even share personal stories, called you every other day sometimes for no reason and then one day kept quiet, distant herself and acted unreachable. I tried calling and texting but nothing came back and this wasn't the first time it happened, already the third time over a period of two months. 

I don't want to be called paranoid nor insensitive but keeping silence for a period of two weeks bothers me. A lot. Honestly, I can't recall of anything that I had said nor done to this person that could have prompted her to react in that manner. Well, we are adults. Grown ups. Parents. If you have issues we talk it over and find solutions. Keeping distance doesn't help and it is so not adult thing to do.

As much as I am a friend keeper, I do have certain rules and guidelines that I follow and one of them is if second attempt fails too, abort the whole mission. So I have decided this time, unlike other times where despite several failed attempts, I still try, I am going to wait and watch. After all, it is just one friendship... who knows it's not worth saving anyway.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Books and I v2009

Since every fact is still fresh in my mind, let's talk about books or rather my reading last year. According to my Shelfari record (thank God I have this account, or else I keep forgetting what I have read due to short term memory lapse and extreme fatigue), I managed 5 books. Ok, not bad.

This year, I finished reading Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess in January. Shopaholic and Sister is still in my currently reading list although I have started reading since last year. Gosh, I get easily distracted lately. Plus my time is 120% consumed and there's no time to read at all, you know the demanding children, the outstanding housework, the neglected garden and when I have a few seconds extra, I need that for myself. So no reading.

I really plan to read this year nonetheless. Not so much on fiction though but more on cookery and baking stuff. I already have in my possession The Professional Chef book, belongs to my sis-in-law, a case of overdue borrowing; Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess (I really don't want to be one honestly but the reason I bought this book is as a result of being a food channel addict and I like her) also the Whimsical Bakehouse (well, this is not considered as a reading book but more on reference). I guess all three will keep me busy this year.

Despite diverting my attention to cookery, I still have currently in my reading list Kinsella's Shopaholic and Sister (I mentioned this earlier, didn't I? absentminded!!!!), Countess under Stairs and Sha's Pearl S Buck Imperial Woman (OMG, I have been holding her book for almost three years already. Ampun Sha! Ampun!!!! After reading my old notes only I realised that I still have the book with me untouched since the last we spoke). See la if I can finished all three also.

I hope you too have a list to read.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Condolence

This week is certainly a sad week. I learned about 5 passing news of loved ones - of an ex colleague, of a friend's ex colleague, of a friend's masseur (well... nenek tukang urut actually) and of two  friends' loved ones. My deepest condolence to them. It's certainly a great loss and nobody nor nothing can replace the emptiness. However, I'm praying that they stay strong in this trying period. Semoga roh mereka dicucuri Rahmat Allah swt and roh mereka ditempatkan bersama orang-orang yang beriman. Al Fatihah....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Books and I - v2006, 2007, 2008

Since 2006, I had somewhat a book pact where I make myself read books with a specific quota for the particular year. Below are my notes from 2006 right up to 2008 which I took from someplace else. If you ever get confused, just go with the flow. The reason I am putting an outdated note up here is for my record just so they intend to close down the someplace else where I had this note before, I still have my notes. Also as reference for my future 'Books and I' article. I am yet to come up with a version 2009 book pact which I intend to do though although it has already middle of March. 

Dec 2006
Buku dan diriku bukanlah sesuatu yang baru. Ehwah…. I like books especially story books la kan semestinya. Self improvement books I do have but I don’t read. How like that la?? I buy self improvement books even tho I don’t read them simply because of the guilty feeling deep down for spending so much on fiction… macam nak belen la konon. Heh heh so far cuma ada kurang dari 10 self improvement books yang tak habis dibaca. Dari nak belen jadi membazir la plak...Lain pulak dengan fictions. Bila dah mula chapter 1, dah jadi macam penagih.… tak sabar2 nak finish up the whole book. Tu yang jadi terbengkalai semua kerja2 penting like household chores and things like that. I could spend the whole morning after I wake up, say around 7 am up till 12 noon just reading. Tak pun stay up the whole night just to finish the book especially bila there’s about 2, 3 chapters more to go to finish. Arggghhh… the problem is I have tonnes of household chores that I must do.. yet I continue reading and reading and reading until some sense hit me and I wud say ‘okay, let me finish this important chapter first and I’ll attend to other important things right after’. And when I do come to the end of the chapter, I have to peek at what’s there in the next chapter. They are soooo unputdownable, a page turning unstoppable stuff. Sekali sudah mola, berapa susah mao berhenti daaaa….!!! 
Amongst the authors yang memberikan aku simptem2 ni ialah Jane Green's, Cecelia Ahern's, John Grisham's, Jeffrey Deaver's, Sophie Kinsella's.One lesson learnt – whatever you do, PRIORITISE!! Yeah rite… between house chores and books (plus all other things that I love for that matter).. house chores always come second or last, rite?? Errr At least in my case…..
Tahun ni Sha dan aku buat pact… or rather new year resolution, one of the many new year resolutions I must say (not that I have many or any)… that each month, we must finish reading at least one book. By end 2006, we must have at least 12 books and I am proud to announce to you all that as at to date, m on my 11thbook, The Brethren by John Grisham. Walaupun sebenarnya Sha dah mengalahkan aku dengan menghabiskan sebanyak 15 buah buku (ke lebih lagi dari tu, sha?? ) masa Oktober tu ari lagi. Pape pon.. that’s quite an achievement for me considering that I’ve never managed to finish more than 3 books in a year. 
Next year pun rasanya macam nak buat resolution yang sama…. nak Sha? or mrsag & jamie, nk buat joint new year reso ngan kitorg? or sesiapa la... jom kita baca sebuah buku setiap bulan. Nak jatuhkan sikit statistic yang mengatakan Malaysians ni jarang membaca… ke statistik/study tu sebenarnya fokus pada self improvement books and not fictions?
I better go now, nak habiskan The Brethren.. about 100 odd pages to go. Kalo tidak, tak cukup pulak quota aku nk break record tahun ni.btw sha, aku tak boleh habiskan The Imperial Woman la.... dah dekat sebulan lebih dah ni. Nak2 I have If You Could See Me Now waiting right after I finish The Brethren. but I'll try... hehehe dah 10x aku cakap I try ni......
Jan 2007
Dengan ini secara rasminya m announcing to the whole world wide web bahawa aku telah dapat mencapai quota 12 buah buku dalam tempoh masa 12 bulan. Yeeehaaaaaa!!! Celebrate celebrate celebrate!!!!This year, insha Allah aku akan buat perkara yang sama jugak. It will still be fiction nonetheless…Nak cuba baca non fiction tu cam susah le pulak… sbbnya kalo nak baca tu semua kena datang angin baru leh habis. 
Dulu beli “How To Stay Fit” kat warehouse sale.. ni kes dah tk ada apa nk beli tp nk beli jugak le.. plus sebelum tu ada kawan dok rekemen beli buku ni kalo nk diet, nk exercise seme. Dapat le habis 2 chapters…. Pastu sampai sekarang buku tu berabuk kat shelf. Kalo bukak pun sebab nak tengok gambar je. Tu pasal le sampai la nih diet program manjang kantoi jeks.Pastu, Jamie plak rekemen baca Stephen R Covey nye buku… 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People… since masa kat bookshop tu ternampak ‘7 Habits Of Highly Effective Families’, aku beli le tu instead of the one recommended by Jamie. Banyak gak muka surat yang aku baca…ada la dalam 100 gitu. Sampai sekarang memang cantik lagi buku tu… pastu bila abang ipar aku beli ‘The 8th Habit’ rasa cam nk baca jugak… hehehe tapi mana boleh baca bila the other 7 habits aku tk khatam lagi kan.At another book sale pulak, beli buku ‘The Breasts” by Dr Miriam Stoppard. Hey, this is not the disgusting book you might think it is… it’s about the most important part of the body, the breasts. I also have “Women’s Health”, can’t remember the author. Like the rest, buku2 ni pun tk habis baca.. setakat tengok gambar je. hehehe
Buku yang betul2 habis aku baca dan ulang dan ulang dan ulang dan buat reference ialah ‘Conception, Pregnancy & Birth’ by Dr Miriam Stoppard. Ha.. yang tu dah naik lunyai. You can really tell when you see the book and my brood =>. Lagi satu Dr Penelope Leach “Your Baby and Child: From Birth to Age Five”.And also “How to talk so your kids can learn” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Despite having ‘khatamed’ this book, my kids still don’t learn. Aiyah… headache!!!
Other reading materials that I really can spend time reading are newspapers and magazines, not all magazines… just House Beautiful je, so far.. well ada la 2, 3 other home deco mags. Hehehe tu pun pasal dah kemaruk nak cari idea nak menyemakkan rumah, kalo tak.. hampehhh!!!
Come to think of it kan.. not bad jugak kalau dapat baca buku2 yang macam ni kan.. boleh menambahkan ilmu pengetahuan gitu. Nanti la.. perhaps I can try 1 or 2 self improvement book this year. As recommended by sha, I think I would want to buy Zig Ziglar “Secrets of Closing the Sale”… that is if I really want to start selling la. Hehehe yeah rite, yang ada pun tk terabis baca....
Last but not least, to my dear zanaz70, hehe sorry la tk include nama ang lam aku nye list jemputan. Dengan ini secara rasminya aku mengajak ang join impian untuk menghabiskan sebuah buku setiap bulan. Buku apa pon tk kisah…! sha dah divert her attention to financial magazines this year instead of books.. way to go gal, selamat seselamat selamatnya. mrsag pon dah setuju nak join sekali walaupun dia kata dia tak rajin membaca, yet to loan her my “If you could see me now”. Jamie tk sure whether or not she’s in but she’s so excited when I told her I’d give her a copy of Jeffrey Deaver’s book (hehe sorry dear, yet to put that in the mail…. Will do so soonest possible!) And ms tyra, if u r reading this.. i suppose u too can join the group. but perhaps your mama would want you to read those non fiction books la like Ulangkaji Sains for UPSR, Tips peperiksaan UPSR bla bla bla. heheheh and also to my other fellow student, Suzana O... mengadap assignment le gamaknya bahagian ko which also falls under the reading category too.. 
To kick off this new year reso, I will start with Imperial Woman by Pearl S Buck. Hmmmm dunno whether can finish or not. Apa2 pon… come June, I let u all know my progress.
Till the next time - Me - eagerly waiting for Jane Green’s new book scheduled to be released in July 2007. JULYYYY?????????? Lamanyaaaaaa. The other day saw Cecelia Ahern’s book on MPH shelf under the ‘recommended buy for Christmas 2006’ section but it was so pricey I had to reluctantly put it back on the shelf, but I got “If You Could See Me Now” instead. Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep A Secret was on 20% discount for MPH members only.. too bad, apparently m not a member. It was on 15% discount at Popular tho which I am a member but unfortunately it was not attractive enuf, I already read that one.. this time I want to own it therefore I need further markdown. Rosie Dunne was on 30% discount at MPH online purchase…. I actually have my own personal reservation about online dealings plus had also read that one but yet to own one. Saw Jeffery Deaver’s book that I haven’t read and John Grisham’s The Partner at Payless the other day… had to let that go as well as I had spent way, wayyyy beyond my budget. So there goes good bargains. I shall then wait for next round of bargains galore… or maybe I should just rent them instead of buy. What is it with me that I really have to buy these books rather than just borrow or rent them? The answer is – COLLECTION. Again, till the next time.
June 2007
Hallo everyone, esp to those who weally weally weally miss me. hik3 A short update as promised earlier. I have read 10 books to date. I consider that an achievement... sbb janjinya kan a book a month kan. so i sorta like over the required quota aldy.. m actually looking forward to 3 or 4 more books especially from jamie (she has got about 3 books that i can borrow but i just cant find time to get 'em). at the same time, m also looking forward to my trip to pay less books outlet cos here, like andy in advises, u can get cheap books. Cheap not cheap la.. like best selling authors u can get less than 20 bucks per book. NB: to those who r clueless about this andy guy, if u listen to hotlink ad in u surely know andy. 
One more thing, went to amcorp mall recently and noticed another new bookshop that sells cheap books. If pay less is selling old/used books, this bookshop is selling new books at attractive prices (aka cheap jugak la compared to mph n popular or any other bookstores for that matter). Feel like asking one of the peeps there. Well, sceptical mind like mine always think negatively - cheap new released books cud mean confiscated or illegal or smuggled stuff. ha ha ha ha sorry guys. Like this one salesperson told me la the other day at her LCD tv sales - bila kita jual murah, orang ingat barang rosak. bila kita jual mahal, orang komplen - Yepp!! That's rite, tis not easy to meet people's expectation or satisfaction. 
Ok back to books again, amongst the authors i read were jefferey deaver, jane green, john grisham, cecelia ahern, catherine coulter, janet evanovich and steve martin. M sorta taking a break on books rite now (dh lebih dr quota la maklum) toconcentrate on other things like:  baking, newly acquired hobby (like real). ha ha ha ha 
Btw, how did my other counterparts do in our book marathon? Jamie, i think she's done quite a number considering her weekly visits to kinokuniya at klcc. Mrsag? Zana70? suzana o? Sha.. the last time we talk about books, she blamed me for diverting her attention from financial mags to fiction, cant resist eh? sorry dear, the only financial stuff i care about is where my money goes je. heheheTalk to u later k. Gotta go.
Jan 2008
We are on books again (and i hope this is not the only subject i talk about hehe).January 2008 has already ended. How fast, eh? Seems like yesterday we watched the big fireworks at Dataran Merdeka.
Just for the record, last year I managed reading only 10 books, short of 2.. a decrease from the year before. (wah!! macam economic report plak!).This year, unfortunately due to the volume of tasks and chores entrusted under my 'ministry', (ceh!! like real but it IS for real, babe!), I don't think I can manage a book a month anymore. Am currently reading Mitch Albom 'Tuesdays with Morrie' which I started on the first day of January . It's a book you could finish overnight yet am somewhere in the middle of it and February is almost at its end.
I don't want to give up reading completely however, therefore I have decided that I do light readings, confined to articles maybe. Since storytime would be the best time spent with the two little people in my house, probably I do a lot of storytelling with them.
Nevertheless, when I manage to get My Girl's Best Friend and Shopaholic and Baby from sha, I hope I can be right on track again for this book-a-month thingy. When that happens, it's either I get all the chores done on time or I get to the chores when I'm done with the books. There's gonna be a lot of child-neglecting moments is all I can say. heh heh
Dec 2008
Not much to brag about when comes to reading this year though.. heh heh. To date, I managed only 3 books and am currently reading 1. The good thing is, I am still reading. Hope you have fun reading too.That's just it!