Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kasut merah itu

When you get a hand-me-down shoes, or any other things for that matter, do you normally return them when you no longer need them? Or when you give away your shoes which of course is still in good condition to a person, do you expect that person to return them to you when they no longer need them? At least I don't. In both situations obviously.

So when I got back the red shoes that was given away some time ago to a relative, I was rather taken aback. What's more when the sole of one pair is almost coming out. Not to mention the inscription of the image on the front had already come off. I know it's still usable, in fact it fits no. 5 feet perfectly but why return it to me? Didn't ask for it, never ask for it. If you don't want it, throw it. Don't return it.

For whatever the reason is, I feel insulted.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The biggest loser

Back in April, I had this diet plan that I follow. All because of the figure although I am not obsessed. Also I wanted to feel good whenever I try on my old baju kurungs - saja nak torture mind, not that I have any functions whatsoever. Sha and Maz were also in this. All because we want to live a healthy life in a healthy body. And of course the diet plans varies, you know.. on certain days or times when we feel like eating what we want, we eat anyways regardless how high the calories let alone the fat, sugar and carbo contents. Or we would be on a no-rice plan for a few days and later on have a scrumptious meal that consist none other than RICE and its accompaniments. Nonetheless... we control our food intake. I think that's good enough. Hahaha like the plan gonna work that way huh?

It has been going on for almost 2 months now, the diet I mean. But of course being as easy a plan as it is, at times I don't bother about avoiding certain types of food especially dessert... where the most fat and calories come from I must say. That's when I became the biggest loser. While Sha and Maz eat what they want, they always have their workouts - swimming, running, aerobics, jogging etc. Whereas I do nothing except housework and at odd times (which is seldom), I do sit-ups. That makes me biggest loser number 1 among us 3.

Still I expect high results despite the low effort. That's why I am easily frustrated every time I step on the scale. The number doesn't change. Or if the number goes down a little, then there's the fat reading or the water reading that will go up.

But I personally think... if you are happy (being able to eat what you want), you will be healthy (being picky on types of food you consume). And having said that proves that I am definitely the biggest loser.