Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Retail Therapy Experience

I was at Jusco Members’ Day Special (JMDS), Cheras Selatan yesterday. At first, I thot it wasn’t a good idea to go to this particular sale knowing how congested, how packed the location would be also I don’t have any important items to buy altho I have quite a list of things I want to buy but none of them is a necessity. However, I still went.

As the building came into sight, I could see a lot of cars parked by the roadside. By the roadside, okay, not at the parking lot. And it was about 1km away from the shopping mall entrance. Wow!! So what they said about JMDS is true, huh? That there’ll be packed with cars and, of course, people. I was contemplating whether or not to join the others park outside. Then again if I have to walk that far to the crime scene, I might as well drop the plan off. After all shopping experience has to be less stressed. If I couldn’t get a parking, I planned to go back, after all I don’t have anything important to buy, remember? I was lucky as I got a very enviable spot for parking – near the lift lobby. Wow! That was only the beginning and already it was good. I wonder what was waiting inside for me.

At the lift lobby, there was this couple, each with empty trolly, who was telling the other patrons to get their trolly from the parking lot because it would be hard to get one once you are in Jusco. I had the urge to go find one actually but backed out somehow as I was telling myself I didn’t have much to buy anyway. I could manage without one. I took in jamie’s word who said trolly would slow you down. Yup! I needed to walk my way fast.

It was 12.20pm. I supposed that was one of the best time to be there although they said whoever wants to take part in this sale must be there before Jusco opens, i.e. 9.00 am. There were a lot of people, there were still rooms and space. Maybe the numbers would pick up around 3 or 4. My first destination was children’s department. I passed by the household department and was itchy to go look for some glasses or bowls or whatever but due to time constraint, I had to let that go (which actually means – I will come back later). Frankly, I just wanted to buy a pair of shoes for #5.. he has already outgrown the one we bought 2 months back. My reason being there was just to experience the commotion. Oh I tell you… that department was packed – with mommies, daddies, kiddies and babies too. And even grannies, alright. I began searching at one section, then another, then another. 20 minutes had passed, I hadn’t found any but found myself looking at belts, girls’ shoes and at people. Before I entered Jusco, my mission was to find the shoes and spend maybe two hours the most and then rush back home. Yet, half an hour had passed and I was still at children’s department, shoes section. Rambang mata la tu….!!! Finally, after arguing with what’s needed and what’s wanted up here, I got one pair. Then I remembered #5 needs a pair of pants. He only has one, and the other one is a hand-me-down and it was JMDS, I think he should get another new one. I began searching from one bin to another. That was already half an hour. Then I saw the 70% discount for Miki Kids, Padini Authentics, Poney brand and I told myself, if I were to go for J-Baby or J-Kids brand (you get the same price on a non-sale day too), why waste time be here at all. So I joined the others rummaging into the bins for #5 and #3 jeans and shirts. After about 40 minutes, I left the section and went to search for cashier when I saw Kiko brand on 50 and 70% discount. And I hadn’t got #4 anything yet. Another 20 minutes there. It was so hard to decide when you have so many good choices and on a budget. After paying my purchases, off I went to men’s department.

Lucky I called him. He said I don’t have to buy anything for him and should just carry on with the things I want to buy. That saved me nearly a 30 minutes of decision making process. I made a very quick pick for #1 and #2 shirts and undergarments and made my way back. As if. Because I hadn’t forgotten the household department, okay. But I really had to go back by then so I made a quick selection on a 50% off bowls. I was already outside Jusco when I remembered I had to buy a dust-bin for the house (yeah, like it was on a 70% off!). So in I go again. It was SOOO difficult to leave!

Sale period is not for small children,everyone knows that, I know. You could hear the crying, the wailing, the whining of those little children while the parents are engrossed with their shopping. It’s annoying I must say but I pity them. Sometimes we shoppers have to be selfish. I mean, when you talk about JMDS you just have to be there. You ignore the cries because JMDS is only once at each Jusco outlet and that’s how the Jusco people say thank you to you for being their valued customers. When people say thank you, you must appreciate, don’t you? You have to support them more so that they will give more in return. You just have to take part in the JMDS. Bring the children or leave them at home, this is the sale you should never miss.That was what I thought before. But then again, if you don’t have any beddings or curtains or comforters or anything that concerns the bedroom or deco for the house for that matter, it’s best if you could stay at home playing with the kids. Because they really give good bargain for these items you know plus they even have happy hour – more bargains during this hour. Ah.. you may have already known this. And if you only plan to buy just 3, 4 shirts and jeans or pants for the children, come back again when the normal sale is on (I am actually talking about myself hahaha). I observed from the pile of pants I went through at those so called branded bins, the items were ridiculously priced. A baby pants cost RM69.00 – RM89.00. In fact, they were priced at par with those above 3 -12 size (nonetheless I took 2 pieces – hehe). I was shocked and wonder if that was the real price or was it only for JMDS because those items were on 70% discount, you see.

I met a few interesting people by the way. A very nice salesperson who under a lot of stressed and demands that she had to put up since morning, she managed a smile when I asked for a shoe size. Not many salesperson is like that, what’s more on a very busy day like JMDS. One lady who got carried away with the bargain forgot her pouch which she put on one of the piles of babyclothes. There was also a lady whom I met while queuing who told me she had been there since 9.00 am. She didn’t push any trolly but what she did was everytime she bought something, she would put them in the car. The time I met her was already 3.15 pm and she didn’t mention about going home soon. A fellow shopper who is helpful enough to provide RM50 change to the cashier just so she could return my change. Funny how we get acquainted with other shoppers during this sales period – we become a very supportive friend who would pass the shirt she was looking for whenever we came across with one, who highlighted to you that the bowl you bought has got some scratch on it, who wouldn’t mind you putting your things on her trolly in a jam packed lift. And above all this, who put up patiently with your huge purchases manned by a slow cashier.

In essence, I agree with my other half – comfort comes with a price. If you prefer a relaxed shopping, avoid JMDS. No fuss, no discount.

As I left the building, I could hear the salesperson calling me (I think) – for 30 minutes only, come grab Windsir spring pillow at RM10.00. Hurry! Hurry!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mission Impossible Update

So. It’s already 8 Syawal 1429H. Here’s the update of the mission I set last Ramadhan.

I am happy to announce that the gardening project has been successfully launched on first week of Ramadhan. I’d say the garden is a work-in-progress. I am attending to it every other day and very happy with the development.

As impossible as the mission is, the sewing projects are pending. I had the baju kurung for the girls cut, sewed but not finished. That was the reason why I had to rush to Jalan TAR on Raya eve. Same goes to the cushion covers and the curtains. As Ramadhan already ended, only time will tell when the sewing will be done.

Cookie making
This is an 80 per cent successful project. Amidst the chaotic schedule, I managed 4 types, none of which involved almond this n almond that. Need not worry as I plan to make more cookies.

And that was it. You must also know that the routine tasks and chores are still in their pre-Ramadhan form - untouched or slightly touched. What’s important is there’s progress.

The impossible mission is like having your own private amazing race - boosts your morale, makes you feel good and prove that you are capable of doing anything under pressure. That you are good.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I am not a supermom. I am a Mission: Impossible Mom

What am I doing? Ramadhan sudah tiba, dah 11 hari pun. Tapi kenapa dengan aku? What am I trying to prove here by doing gardening, sewing, baking during Ramadhan apart from the day to day chores? C’mon!! It’s Ramadhan. It’s time to spend buat lebih ibadah, tadarrus for instance or the least is listen to ceramah agama on radio or channel OASIS. Yet here I am with my busy mind trying to do the impossible.

I have an 11th month old baby who is very clingy, who feels abandoned if I don’t pick him up everytime I pass by him, who is, at the same time, learning to walk. I have 3 schooling children who I must ferry to school, once in the morning, twice at noon and once at 5.30pm. I have Grey’s Anatomy season 3 show which is being aired everyday at 10 am over at CH711 which I am a keen follower and I can’t miss and don’t want to miss. I have the buka puasa menu which I must get done before the baby wakes up (around 4 if I’m lucky, else 3pm) and before #1 is due home (5.30pm). Although buka puasa time not due until 7.15 (and it’s been ‘faster’ each day – I’m thinking at the end of the 30th day of Ramadhan, we may possibly be buka puasa at 6.59pm), upon coming back from fetching #1, I have to bathe #5 as well as set the table. To some, they could do so many things in that 1 hour period but obviously not in my case. I also have a basket full of clothes that need to be ironed and I must tell you that it’s piling up each day.

And here I am thinking or rather planning to rearrange the garden – front and back if you should know, sew the baju kurung for all 3 girls (kain was bought last year but never made it to tailor on time, hence brought forward to this year), bake some raya cookies (some here could be 3 types). Those are the things that I have in mind right now.

I know.. I know.. gardening can wait till after raya. The thing is I can’t get it out of my head. It’s in my mind all the time. The only thing that can make me forget about it is to get it done fast. While it would be easier to buy the baju kurung for the girls (I mean, for all the hassle and trouble I go through sewing the baju, for all u know they only wear it once – di pagi raya) but the thing is the kain was given by my mom, I promised her I get the baju done for them. Tu la pasalll!!! (Did I mention about the dining chair covers I plan to sew as well and this coming Raya is the deadline?) And the cookies… it’s more of getting into the Raya mood actually. And why 3 types is because all four children have different preference– I am not letting them accuse me of favouring one or the other. Also the 3 types has not included the type of cookies I like, okay which means, if you allow me to explain, could be more than 3 – am really thinking of almond london, almond shortbread, almond slice, almond this almond that, choc chip, honey snap, biskut nestum bla bla bla. Raya cookies are expensive and with 5 kids, I don’t think it’s wise to buy from outside.

I am not a supermom. I am a Mission: Impossible Mom. Why? Because all these things I have in mind are impossible, far from accomplishable (is there such a word?). Not only I don’t get the help, nor do I  have the time. But here I am, still thinking about the gardening, the sewing and the baking.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tale of a home-made marshmallow

I was made with lots of love and passion and affection. It’s all because of these reasons that the person who made me made me and because the children love marshmallow too, of course. You know, since she’s been a stay at home mom, she wants to do or make practically everything. Not that she’s very good in the cooking department, but more of cutting cost measure she will normally say. Plus, she’s always been suspicious of the ingredients used in the marshmallow the children always buy.

I was still in my ‘set’ mode when #3 asked whether or not I was ready. The recipe that she followed said to let me ‘set’ for a few hours. The other recipe says 3 hours. Personally, I am ready when they are. I think she was anxious too that she finally decided to follow the 3 hours ‘set’ time although she was a bit hesitant as she was running out of icing sugar which will be used to dust me in after the cutting process.

For a first timer, I’d say she did a good job. I was exactly like the marshmallow you buy on the shelf, perhaps even better. Hah hah Anyways, she took a bite and I saw the smile on her face. See, I toldya! She later surprised the kids with 10 pieces of freshly cut marshmallow. Quickly she went inside to work on the remaining. Fifteen minutes later, she went out and saw the untouched pieces. She really expected that the children would finish all up, you know since they all love marshmallow. What really went wrong? I mean, I was okay.

#3 said (yep, the one who couldn’t let me take my own time to ‘set’): too sweet la, I don’t like it when I felt the sugar! - (coming from someone who uses sugar as spread on bread). OUTRAGEOUS!!

#4 on the other hand said: It was not coloured pink or green or yellow like those I bought from the shop. I don’t want that! – OH COME ON!!! I’m speechless.

#2’s feedback wasn’t that bad: It was nice but it’s too sweet la…. – A bit comforting there.

#1 only took 3 pieces because she thought the mother wanted the entire marshmallow to herself. DUH!!!!

I’d say she was a bit frustrated with the outcome. She had a reason to be worried as there was another ¾ of me left on the tray. If the children didn’t want the marshmallow, who else would? I know she wouldn’t mind finishing it all up but she did it for the children. She just had to make the children eat me. So she went searching on the internet to find out how else would you eat a marshmallow. And when the children came back from school, she talked them into trying to eat the ‘sweet’ marshmallow with biscuits, you know like sandwich. So they did and they liked it. And you know what, by the second day when I was properly set I taste even better you see. The mother agreed as she couldn’t help but keep on popping the remaining marshmallow into her mouth. See, I toldya!!

As she swallowed the last piece, she was smiling and I knew it right then that she will be making another marshmallow soon. This time she will tint it pink or green or blue or orange or red. Oh by the way, #4 actually asked for a few pieces later that day, unfortunately there was none left.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Talk about annoyance

On normal days, it doesn’t bother me at the slightest but of late, I am easily annoyed and irritated especially on petty things. For instance, what Mr Postman does.

You see, postmen deliver mail on motorbikes, right? But that doesn’t give them the right to run into my gate just because the gate happens to be in their way. After all, that sidewalk is not meant for motorbikes although it is easier way to deliver the mail. Whatever it is, it’s not right to hit the gate. What if by doing so the gate will be damaged? What if by doing so will cause some cracks to the concrete that holds the gate which eventually will cause the concrete to collapse? Do they even care let alone cover the cost of repairing the concrete and installing the gate? What I am trying to say is it’s not like everyday the gate is in their way. If I can compromise on you using the sidewalk as your motor route just because you are so lazy to use the designated road to deliver the mail, so please lah also compromise the gate if it is in your way, don’t bang into it because the reason I leave it open is I am lazy to close it as I am only going out for a short while. Is it too much to ask?????

Secondly, I have a tiny passion for gardening. I have plumbago, some asian jasmine, portulaca and not to mention some herbs (do u call kunyit, cekur, kesum, pudina, limau, kari herbs???). I made it a point the plants have to be disease resistant plants. You know, it’s a cross of rajin and malas in gardening (do you have a special term for that?) where you can plant and leave them to grow without having to give special attention and yet they will have nice and beautiful blooms. All is well until recently my pokoks are infested with CATERPILLARS!!!! I HATE THEM!! I seriously hate them. Of all the houses here, why mine? Why me?? Worse still, they infest my plumbago - my favourite plant! Yikess!! I have aphids problem but I have no problem with aphids really but caterpillars???? To make it even worst, I don’t have anyone who can help me remove the pests even if the one available in the house helps, he will make fun of me and start teasing me with the caterpillars. But I’m not giving up although I really feel I need to chop the plants off save me the squirmy feeling everytime I catch sight of the caterpillars, I’m looking up for some remedy over the internet. Good luck to me!

Thirdly, the cats. I have a little space at the back of the house where the cats like to poop. The thing is a good stretch of houses in my row are all renovated and even have concrete walls and that leaves about a few houses that are not renovated like mine. And there are abouts 3, 4 stray cats there. I never welcome them but they seem to like my house. (I’m beginning to wonder what actually attracts the insects and the cats to my house, I don’t even like them!). I had all possible exit blocked and I was happy for a little while until yesterday. Ugghh!! There was cat ‘poop’ in my yard. Have some serious checking to do today.

The fourth one: this constant distraction and interruption I get when I’m cracking my heads for ideas to write in this blog. Not just writing, but also when I am reading. And even when I am in the toilet. Although I am a mother and the only adult in the house during the day, I need my space too. I need to be able to do the things I like too when and where and how I want it, just like the little people. When ideas come flowing, you must take action immediately, true? Yet every now and then, they are beside me with about 10 questions to ask which are sooo important that they can’t wait until later to ask. 

I really hope I get thru this phase soon.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The thing about old friends

I have always liked keeping friends. Old friends particularly good friends. I also like to keep track of old friends that I haven’t seen for a long time too and eventually keep in touch with them. Maybe I should become a PI instead, or MPI (missing person investigator) or perhaps Friend Keeper for I like doing this so much. What I would do is track them over on the internet - easy and free hahahaha. And also tracking them through the same circle of friends that I am still in touch with. I have the habit of searching the internet, the yellowpages, email messages (the ‘forwarded’ ones) for my class and college mates or anybody that I think I know… who knows who I might meet.

If I’m lucky I get to find very old friends through these searches. Very lucky, I bump into very old friends. Extra lucky, I run into one old friends who happens to keep in touch with a few other old friends. Other times, I imagine myself bumping into all these people at shopping mall ka, parking lot ka, park ka, by the roadside ka.. anywhere la which seldom happen unless if I get very very very lucky. For instance, what happened yesterday.

Out of boredom (all 4 little people were still away) we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan. it was already late, around 9.15 pm (well… actually we weren’t that late as Jusco closed at 12 midnite last nite heh heh). From far, I just knew that I know this person. True enough, it was really her - NORSHAM MOHD NOR, a very old old friend. It’s been more than 20 years since we last met. Gegak gempita Jusco dengar suara kami. The bestest part is I get to keep in touch with a few of our friends whom I’m dying to meet. Awesome!!! Aku kagum dengan kuasa Allah, sebab kalau tidak disebabkan oleh perhitungan Allah, tak mungkin aku boleh jumpa Norsham lagi.

Another same incident. This time I bumped into a friend, a friend with a ‘nice past’ la so to speak.. heh heh at a wet market while busy shopping for Hari Raya when I spotted him.. (heh.. busy eh when I could spot someone…?). He was coming towards my way so I blocked him. And the sweetest thing was we kept on running into each other at the same place on a same day for a few times. But that was it la… I left him my number but he never called. boohoo.. (Tip: if you want to keep in touch with your long lost friends, exchange contact numbers, don’t just give your number). Nonetheless, I was satisfied as he was in my list of the most people that I want to bump into.

However, there are some very old friends or rather friends that you met but for some reasons do not wish to keep in touch, you are satisfied by just knowing where they are. (I have few experiences also where I see somebody I know yet I don’t go near him/her - these are the group you are kurang mesra with). It is for this reason that I have a website reuniting all these friends from my college. You know… a place where you can find, not just my friends, but also your friends from your batch or your seniors or your roommates that you wish to keep in touch with (unfortunately this website has not been updated for ages - after all the hard work done, I lost the data to ‘waitukay’ bug in 2001, very sad!!! but the info are still there though). I have pleasure in doing all this. In fact, I created a group in facebook too for all these people to reconnect. I just like to collect the data.

Apart from building a network or rather turn to someone you know when you need a favour especially when that someone who was your ex-schoolmate or collegemate is now a big fish, another good thing of keeping in touch with old friends is you get to reminisce old days, share sweet memories, laugh at silly acts. Something to look back and remind you of a person you were before and the one you are now. Whatever the end result is, keeping friends is what the search is all about.

I still have a long list of the most people that I want to bump into.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Cooking Day

It all started last Saturday.. (well, actually I had this on mind looooonnngg before but didn't really give a serious thought about it). The stove was kinda spotless clean except some stubborn spots, so stubborn even with my superpower effort can hardly remove them and it is pointless spending hours n hours to scrub them off, they won't go away. Never mind that but what's important is the stove IS. CLEAN. For the record, my stove is nothing like other people's stove where after each use they will wipe it clean. Mine will go unwiped with the spills, the stains, the grease on it for as long as my eyesight can bear... usually weeks, there are the unusual time though which takes nearly month and a half. No time lah... And also, since it's already been cleaned, I think I should do what other people do - wipe it clean after each use. uhmm I'll try......!

Ok, back to what I want to tell you alls. Since the stove is clean so I declared last Saturday as a 'No Cooking Day'. For 5 days in a row I've been spending most of my time in the kitchen, I deserve a day off, uhmm perhaps TWO DAYS off. Good eh? Plus am sure the stove, the utensils, the cutleries, basically everything in the kitchen need some time off too. Also it's like 'sayang' to dirty the stove after all the effort and time spent cleaning the mess. And I took the day off. The day was spent practically doing nothing - nothing to do with any chores - no cleaning, no washing, no ironing, no mopping and of course no cooking... NOTHING!!! Feet up, hair down! WOW!!!!

And it felt nice. And I felt refreshed. And I think I should do this more often. Therefore, I hereby declare that every Saturday is a No Cooking Day. Of course it's no harm to extend it to Sunday, right? And also under circumstances, the off-day be granted on other days too..... you know like how schools have mid-term break, summer holiday and all.

M the happiest cook in the whole world!!

Wait! I have an idea. If Saturdays would be a No Cooking Day, can Sundays be a Do Nothing Day, Mondays a No Washing Day, Tuesdays a No Cleaning Day, Wednesdays an All-Day TV Day, errr make that Tuesdays and Thursdays too and Fridays an Official Off Day? PERFECT!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Motherhood and I

For the years that I was a working mom, I had always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM); had always been envious to all the SAHMs for being able to be there for the children; had always hoped that I'd be the best mother in the world. *tringgg** wish is granted, now I am a fulltime mom. GREAT!

Now I can really watch them grow. HOW FUN! But wait, you don't just WATCH them alright, you have to DEAL with them: the whinings, the squabbling, the bickerings, the tantrums etc etc etc. I honestly didn't expect it to be this hard but here I am trying my very best to be the supermom there is. 

Believe me.. the pressure is incomparable - physically and spiritually, well.. at least to me. If I can remember, during my working time.. they did not behave this bad..... yes, a little fights, a little arguments here and there but it's different when you spend 25 hours with them. HORRIBLE!

A year has gone by and I am less motherly than I had been before. I lost my cool, I've become a HOT mommy instead. Not that 'HOT' la weii. It was fun the first three months, I must admit. But now I get irritated easily, 

annoyed instantly, angry all the times. Blood always go upstairs you know. I've turned a monsther than a mother. The dream of being a thoughtful, patient, warm mommy is sooo unattainable. How did the other mothers do it? 

How did they manage the children so well, turn every whining, every tantrum into something fun when I can't even stand any of them? Now I'm feeling that I'm not cut for this job, much as I desperately tried to be the best.

For what it's worth, the toothless grin and the smiliest smile from a 4-month old boy, also occasional smooches you get from a 5-year old have the magical effect on me though. They seem to take away all the frustration and dissappointment.

And here I am... the still standing reluctant SAHM.

Till the next whinging (quite a list, fyi) hehe


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jalan TAR di malam raya

30 Ramadhan atau 1 Syawal di Kuala Lumpur bukanlah tak menyeronokkan… seronok dalam caranya tersendiri. Kalau di kampung, di malam raya orang bertakbir dari rumah ke rumah.. mungkin di Kuala Lumpur orang berpusu-pusu ke Jalan TAR. Rasanya rata-rata warga Kuala Lumpur arif tentang suasana di Jalan TAR pada malam raya. Ada yang memang membuat persiapan saat akhir dan kebanyakannya sekadar mahu melihat sendiri ‘kemeriahan’ lelong pada malam itu. Bayangkan Jalan TAR bermula dari Pertama Komplek pada jam 1 pagi, kesesakannya persis 1 tengahari. SOSAK!!! Aku rasa mana-mana lebuhraya di Malaysia ni pada waktu tu taklah sesesak Jalan TAR pada malam raya.

Malam tadi aku pun pergilah ke Jalan TAR. Niat pertama nak membeli baju kurung anak-anak dara ku, niat kedua sememangnya nak melihat ke’chaotic’an Jalan TAR malam tu. Huiiii.. memang kecoh! Memang sesak! Memang menyesakkan napas! Bila kami menghampiri je Jalan Raja Laut, dah nampak kereta bersusun-susun di tepi jalan. Aku ingat dah malam raya ni kurang la orang… iye la, Kuala Lumpur di malam raya mungkin milik mereka yang memang dah tak ada kampung, tak ada ibu dan ayah,penduduk asal dan juga pendatang asing. Tapi silap beb… Kuala Lumpur di malam raya memang milik warga Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur di malam raya macam Kuala Lumpur di malam-malam minggu.. atau lebih tepat lagi Jalan TAR di malam raya macam masa SOGO buat sales, sama macam hujung minggu di bulan Ramadhan. Pehhh!!! Ramainyeeeee oraaaaannngggg!!!! Berpusu-pusu! Bersesak-sesak! Berhimpit-himpit!

Bukanlah setiap tahun aku berkunjung ke Jalan TAR pada malam raya walaupun selalunya kami cuma lalu je nak menyaksikan kesibukan jalan tu pada malam tu dari jauh je. Macam tahun lepas, kitorang ke Jaya Jusco Maluri. Eh.. orang pun ramai jugak tapi taklah seramai macam Jalan TAR. Jadi malam tadi memang dah bertujuan, nak tak nak kitorang redah jugak la. Ada yang datang dengan kekasih hati (ah.. ni fenomena biasa la kat Jalan TAR bila weekend kan…), ada yang datang dengan anak kecil sekecil bayi, ada datang dengan keluarga, dengan kawan-kawan. Aku tak pasti dari jam berapa kepadatan ini berlaku tapi kalau sebut Jalan TAR, aku pasti mesti dari siang tu. Lagi malam rupanya lagi ramai yang datang. Bukan setakat berpusu-pusu lagi. Berhempet-hempet! Berlaga-laga! Bergesel-gesel! Bersesak-sesak. Memang sesak nafas dibuatnya. Kalau orang yang tinggi-tinggi tu memang tak adalah masalah kan… ni yang saiz orang Malaya ni.. huiiii… macam-macam bau ada. Bayangkan anak-anak kecil yang naik stroller tu…. Suhu pulak memang tinggi. Memang panas! Dan aku rasa tempoh urusniaga dilanjutkan hingga ke 3, 4 pagi. (aku ingat untuk tahun-tahun yang mendatang ni nak menjengah Jalan TAR jam 4 pagi pulak).

Jalan jangan katalah kalo depan Pertama Komplek tu (sebab kitorang datang dari Jalan Raja Laut dan pintas kat Medan Mara). Yang ikut dari Jalan Sultan Ismail atau yang datang dari Chow Kit, tak taulah dari mana kesesakan tu bermula. Dan tak tau lah berapa lama masa yang diorang ambil dari situ untuk sampai ke Dataran Merdeka. Sebenarnya, malam sebelum tu kami dah pun mengintai-intai Jalan TAR. Waktu tu 10 minit lagi ke 1 pagi. Jalan dah sesak jadi kami patah balik ikut tepi Sogo dan keluar semula ke Jalan Raja Laut terus menuju Jalan Kinabalu terus balik. Tapi malam ini, kami letak kereta di pinggir Jalan Raja Laut (berhadapan dengan stesen LRT Sogo tu..) dan berjalan kaki ke Jalan TAR.

Macam-macam gelagat. Yang sibuk makan steamboat (kitorang panggil celup-celup…), banyak pulak stesen steamboat tu rupanya di sepanjang Jalan TAR. Yang sibuk cari barang, sampai barang-barang yang bukan keperluan hari raya pun dibelek jugak contohnya jam loceng berlampu, robot-robot, mainan-mainan yang kebanyakannya berharga RM10. Yang sibuk tengok tudung, yang sibuk tengok baju kurung (lagi malam.. lagi hebat lelong dia. 3 pasang baju kurung-RM100, 2 bungkus kerepek RM10, dan segala macam jenis markdown lagi la). Yang sibuk tengok handbag, tengok jeans, tengok sampin, tengok songkok, tengok alas meja, tengok langsir, tengok telekung, tengok kerepek, tengok kuih raya. pehhh… Jalan TAR memang tidak asing lagi dengan item-item yang sebegitu. Yang tak ada cuma mak bapak je. Separuh orang, mak bapak pun ada kat situ gak.

Yang seronok lagi tengok gelagat tukang lelong. Macam-macam cara diorang ni untuk mengambil hati pelanggan. Yang berdiri atas kerusi sambil pegang loudhailer dan air liur yang menyembur-nyembur memanggil orang ramai datang, yang memakai baju kurung yang ditawarkan untuk memikat hati orang ramai, ada jugak yang siap bertudung litup sambil berdiri di atas kerusi menyeru orang ramai singgah ke lot masing-masing. Ada jugak yang buat lagak macam mannequin.. berdiri atas kerusi tak bergerak-gerak. Kan menarik perhatian namanya tu. Ha.. singgah bang! singgah kak! mari singgah!! 3 pasang seratos kak! mari.. mari.. mariiii..! ha murah! kita jual murah bang! Lelong.. lelong! Tak payah kira2 kak.. beli je! Nak kasi habis je malam raya ni!! Mari kak. Mari bang. Saploh ringgit! Saploh ringgiit wehhh!!!!

Malam tu aku balik dengan 3 pasang baju kurung untuk anak-anak dara aku, jam loceng empat segi berlampu, 5 helai t-shirt Ben 10 dan satu cawan kertas air tebu yang aisnya dah cair.

Aku ingat tahun depan nak buat interview la bertanyakan apa tujuan mereka berada di Jalan TAR malam-malam raya begini.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

English and I

I don’t have a very good background of English. I don’t come from an English speaking family. The only English speaking thing in my family is the TV.. ha-di-ha. I don’t speak English neither at home nor with my friends. I don’t have a broad knowledge of English vocabulary. Therefore, I English no good.

Ada sekali tu masa Form 4, cikgu Bahasa Inggeris ni tersenyum2 masuk kelas lepas correct kitorg nye kertas karangan. Bila tanya… berlambak2 plak gelak dia. Dia kata ada student yang make love instead of fall in love. Aku ni cam terbangak2 le… nk gelak segan takut aku student yang dimaksudkan.. tk nak gelak tk tahan plak tengok gelihati cikgu tu. Smpi skrg aku tk pasti samada aku kah yg dimaksudkan sbb aku sendiri pun tk ingat samada aku ada tulis ke tak benda tu. Dh lama2 baru la paham sebenarnya ‘make love’ dan ‘fall in love’ tu 2 makna yang berbeza wpon yang kedua tu leh membawak ke yg pertama. Tu la, mamai lagi…

Masa kat kolej lak.. lagi haru. Lecturer bagi assignment suruh baca satu chapter pastu nanti dia akan discuss kat kelas. Biasa lah…. Baca2 ni aku kureng so tkde la baca. Sekali kena cekup sbb lam ramai2 tu lecturer pilih aku lak suruh terangkan pebenda yg dikatakan dlm chapter tu. Isk haghu… aku mmg tk tau bijik butir, blurr gilos… nk kelentong tp merapu. Bila dia tanya ‘did u read the chapter’, dgn kondifen nye aku jawab ‘yes, I read it thoroughly but I didn’t understand’ ha gitu, aku macam puas hati le ngan jawapan tu…!! Dia tny lg cam ala2 prosecuting lawyer tanya witness.. ‘u read it thoroughly but u didn’t understand?’, wah dgn kompiden aku kata ‘yes’. Kantoiii!!! Dia tau le aku menipu. Balik tu baru aku paham apakah makna ‘thorough or thoroughly’ tu sebenarnya. Uuwwwwaaaaa.. maluuuuu!! Depan kelas beb, depan seme oranggg!!!! Tu la, menipu lagi…

Kes kat kolej lagi… lecturer mintak aku terangkan camana nk mencapai matlamat projek yang aku tengah buat tu.. jgn nk marah.. in English some more u know. Aku pun dengan kompiden gilos nye menerangkan le pada lecturer ni. Cara lecturer ni dengar beriya2 sampai aku menjadi begitu over konfiden, berabuk habis omputih aku. Last sekali bila aku dah habis explain tu.. dia kata “In English there’s no such word as ‘praktik’ ok” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa malu! Malu! Malu! Malu! Dekat 8 kali jugak aku sebut perkataan praktik time tu. Tu la.. over lagi….

Ada se lagi tu.. masa tu aku bicara sama temen. Beriya2 cite ni .. iye la mengumpat mestilah beriya kan. Jgn nk marah..mengumpat cakap omputih lak tu… (time ni English aku dh ok sket la.. rating 1 smpi 10 tu aku kat no. 3 1/2 la gitu…) sekali tiba2 kawan aku kata ‘split la weii.. bukan splitted’ uwwwwaaaaa.. tebalnya muka aku. Tu la, mengumpat lagi…

Time keje plak… tah le berterabur gilos aku rasa. Ada sekali tu cam beriya2 la nk cite ngan amoi ni pasal pengalaman aku. Tk boleh bayangkan camana skima nye cara aku cakap omputih… expressionless. Ye la cam membaca… sampaikan I look stupid la when I talk English… but I don’t care, stupid or no stupid.. I talk.

Pada aku, walaupun kita tk pandai cakap omputih, tp bila dh ada basic grammar tu dan bila kita selalu praktis cakap omputih.. lambat laun kita leh cakap ala2 british accent tuu. Aku penah gak kena perli ngan rakan sekerja. Dia kata ‘dh tk reti cakap omputih tu.. tk payah le cakap omputih…’. Malu gak beb tp demi nak memajukan diri sendiri.. aku pulun le cakap omputih. Dan kalau kita rajin membaca buku2 cerita ke suratkhabar ke dan yang paling penting sekali baca kamus.. insha Allah akan lebih terjamin bahasa omputih kita. Heheheh sumpah you.. I cukup suka baca kamus.. bukan kamus cekai2 tu tau.. kamus Cambridge, kamus Oxford jgn nk marah occayy… especially bila tengah baca2 tu dan jumpa perkataan yg tk paham tu.. aku pun cari le lam kamus. Dh jumpa satu lam kamus, jumpa lak perkataan yg sebelah menyebelah tu… daaaahh le perhatian ke kamus plak. Sokkabar tk abis baca ni…. Lagi satu suka look up thesaurus…. Microsoft word very the helpful.. (psstt Bill Gates, jgn lupa bg komisyen sbb promote u nye MS word).

Pape pon yang penting kita kuasai kedua2 bahasa.. bahasa ibunda dan bahasa ayahanda. Hwah hwah hwah hwah…