Friday, July 31, 2009

Boleh tak....

Boleh tak aku tak payah masak hari ni?
Boleh tak sekali sekala dorg cari makan sendiri?
Boleh tak aku duduk je buat2 tak dengar?
Boleh tak aku tak buat apa-apa hari ni?

Am about to get sick...

Feel like calling in sick today.. but who do I call?? Who would grant me the sick leave? And the no. 1 question: who is taking over? The correct answers to all 3 qs is: NO ONE. But I am feeling sick.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What's wrong, Kembara?

The other day, he sent Kembara for service. Of course not at Perodua authorised centre... at the present economic condition, we really can't afford. But I'd say other 'private' service centres do quite a good job too IF you can get a real good one and IF they are trusted mechanics. Anyway, the one that he sent to has been doing a good job ever since. In fact, this wasn't the first time Kembara was treated there.

But then this time Kembara came back cranky. I filled up RM50 fuel and it dried up merely two days later. Again I tried filling it up with RM30. It was dried the very next day. Before, RM50 will take me to numerous school trips back and forth. Now just 5 trips and that was it. And it emitted foul smell too. And black smoke at the same time. My, I have been contributing to the existing pollution with that smell and smoke all over Cheras.

He took it back to the mechanics and they too were clueless as to what was wrong. Days later, he tried to change the spark plugs. Kembara improved slightly but very early to tell. At least, it didn't just consumed the RM50 petrol in one big gulp.

What's really wrong Kembara? Tell me. Is it the service? Or is it the petrol? Or did u overhear someone plans to replace you because if you do, that is untrue. I have no intention of doing so, trust me. So please tell me what is wrong?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm mourning...

Not because MJ is gone but because of the loss of my 2 most valuable tools in just 3 week period.

First, it was my junior mixing bowl. I lost the senior one in 2007. This I bought in 2005 during the warehouse sale and it was damn good bargain. And I fell in love with it ever since. First, it being a glass mixing bowl. Second, it being Anchor Hocking. Now I have lost both. Should've bought more last time, eh?

Then, my Pyrex measuring cup. I got this thru Metrojaya redemption coupon. The actual price was RM38. phewwww!!!! But of course I got it for free - for actually spending hundreds at Metrojaya. Anyway...

I know there are loads of mixing bowls and measuring cups out there but I, on the other hand, make it a point to have certain types of tools for my baking projects. Not that they make tastier cakes or give extraordinary results... I just prefer it that way. It kind of gives you the vibes... get you into the mood of baking. It simply makes me feel good while baking or just by keeping them - because there are times when I bake, I pretend that I do my own baking show. ;> Besides, they are good investments.

For what it's worth, with these two losses my passion for baking is adversely affected. Not for long I hope....