Friday, July 24, 2009

What's wrong, Kembara?

The other day, he sent Kembara for service. Of course not at Perodua authorised centre... at the present economic condition, we really can't afford. But I'd say other 'private' service centres do quite a good job too IF you can get a real good one and IF they are trusted mechanics. Anyway, the one that he sent to has been doing a good job ever since. In fact, this wasn't the first time Kembara was treated there.

But then this time Kembara came back cranky. I filled up RM50 fuel and it dried up merely two days later. Again I tried filling it up with RM30. It was dried the very next day. Before, RM50 will take me to numerous school trips back and forth. Now just 5 trips and that was it. And it emitted foul smell too. And black smoke at the same time. My, I have been contributing to the existing pollution with that smell and smoke all over Cheras.

He took it back to the mechanics and they too were clueless as to what was wrong. Days later, he tried to change the spark plugs. Kembara improved slightly but very early to tell. At least, it didn't just consumed the RM50 petrol in one big gulp.

What's really wrong Kembara? Tell me. Is it the service? Or is it the petrol? Or did u overhear someone plans to replace you because if you do, that is untrue. I have no intention of doing so, trust me. So please tell me what is wrong?

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