Saturday, December 12, 2009

Therapy Fruits

I personally think hobbies are for rich people or people with extra money. They really are darn expensive, don't they?

I was at Leisure Mall the other day.... well, that wasn't really where I was supposed to be actually. It was somewhere nearby the Mall and I ended up there - partly lost, mainly on purpose. Tell me, who can resist a shopping mall? And I stumbled upon this needlework shop aka cross-stitch haven. Just the kind of shop I was looking for.... errr that was sudden!! *OCD attack alert*. And in an instant, everything I saw was affordable. The charts, the threads, the needles, in fact every single thing they have there that I decided to buy 3 charts at the same time. The owner said charts may not be available all the time but threads do. Since the chart I picked has another two similar designs which, according to her, would look fantastic on the wall with all three designs put together, I actually succumb to the suggestion. Just look at these charts I know you would agree. I completely have lost my mind as I know the time that I have right now would be gone once school reopens. Not to mention my other work-in-progress. But what is done is done.
But what I'm saying here is hobbies are expensive. Take for instance my cross stitch pattern. A single pattern costs me 8 bucks each. Well, that's a good pattern. Simple ones 5 bucks.. then again, who wants a simple one for something that you love to do aka hobby when the difference with the good one is only 3 bucks? Then along comes the 'condiments' - for a yard long thread which you use merely 6inc (in some cases below 6inc), you pay 1.50 although you get to keep the remaining part for as long as you live la. MEMBAZIR!!! But then it comes back to the things you love to do... so you compel. The cloth is about 88 per metre but you only need half a metre which depending on charts, you only use some 30% of it, unless you have 3 charts which in my case. My point is when comes to hobbies, you just pay whatever price for it.

Of Farm and Ville

I received a lot of invitation to be neighbours with my FB buddies in the highly addictive game of FarmVille. And since it is dangerously addictive.... I kept my distance, reason being I will be as insanely addictive as the game. Until recently when no. 2 is seriously into this game and no. 3 and no. 4 are watching and beginning to realise that this game, in fact all games featured in FB for that matter, is far more interesting and fun than those games they have encountered on the internet. Left with no choice - ha ha ha, like I lack control or is it because I am also curious myself how the game is played and how almost 80% of my FB buddies have become serious farmers since - I let them play using my FB. And they are SOOO hooked right now.

Now, not only I have Farmville, I have Fishville, Petville, Cafeville... (err or is it Cafe world?) in my account. All these ville are maintained by no. 3 and 4 with the help and guidance as well as advice from no. 2. What great farmers they would be! The positive side of this I hope they will understand how money works. And be more giving than receiving - both virtually and presently. Uhmm I really do hope so you know.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Leaving on a train

Hari tu kitorang balik kampung naik keretapi. First experience la untuk budak2 ni... semua excited gila. Walaupun menempuh berbagai cabaran ketika nak beli tiket ketapi tu... iye la, first attempt tiket habis... second attempt, counter tiket dah tutup... third attempt nak balik train 8.30 pagi tkde sapa pulak yang bangun... and finally fourth attempt, tiket ada tapi kelas satu je pulak.... nak tak nak pegi gak le. Abih dah memasing 'berbondong2' bawak beg ke stesen sentral tu kan. Lagi pun sian la plak tengok budak2 ni excited gila... sampai no. 1 pun terlebih excited. Unsangkarable!!!!!

Perjalanan okay la... train delay kat sejam gak. Pukul 7 baru sampai kampung. Kononnya esok tu nak balik naik ketapi gak le... malangnya tiket plak habis. Cite apa, cuti sekolah kan... mesti abis nye! Nanti plan nak naik ketapi gak le bila balik kampung lepas ni.