Monday, November 30, 2009

Emotion Rollercoaster

I am glad to announce to the world that I have finished my third book this month only. Yeah, you read it correct...... within. a. month!! By this I don't mean I have written 3 books.... I have only read, okay. Despite my whining about the endless housework that I have to do, how limited my time is to spend on hobby.... I have managed so far 3 books in November only. heh heh heh super achiever!!!!! And don't be surprised, I keep on adding. Again... reading not writing.

This last book that I read was My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult. It's a definitely page turning book, hardly putdownable that I kept reading while nursing no. 5 (and I swear I could've kept reading it while doing the housework too if I could) and it took me 3 days to finish the whole book (although that still couldn't break my record for finishing Jane Green's To Have and To Hold within 24 hours). It is indeed a good read and highly recommended. And I can't agree more with all those fantastic reviews of this book. I really loved reading this book. Towards the end, I was crying uncontrollably - if you must know how good this book is.

I think that crying part probably was mainly hormonal. You see, it was an unexpected and twisted ending and was sad too but to have me crying uncontrollably was something that I believe have to do with the hormones. These days, I am easily swayed by emotions - anger, sad, happy, down, up - whatever. But seriously, this isn't like me at all. Alright, I do have moods swing some time but not like this. It's definitely the hormones doing.

Come to think of it again, the weight gain these past two months must be the hormones doing as well. Don't blame me... when the hormones take control, there's not much that I can do.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Yayyyy!!! The washing machine is well already. Now can dump in as many loads as I wish. YAY !! I was downright stressful the past 2 weeks due to this you know.... and I am in an unimaginable stress right now as the machine which was supposed to be working is now kaput again. I only used it once.... and now another problem arose. Ugghhh!!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crippling mind

My mobile has gone kaputtt!!!!! My LIFE!!! My WINDOW to the outside worlddd!!!!

Of late, inspired by his father's enthusiasm in photography, no. 5 too wanted a camera of his own. The closest he get to his wish is my mobile phone cam which apparently has become his latest toy. I don't let him play but to make him quiet, I just have to give in.

Each time he's done using the mobile, he would pass it back to my hand. I was doing the dishes in a clogged sink that time and that was when the mobile ended up in the basin full of water. Not because it slipped off my hand but because he willfully slided it into the basin.

I have been very dependent on that gadget for years now. I used to memorise all phone numbers then, every number... well at least important numbers of friends and families, was at the tip of my finger. Now if asked of a friend's or family's number, without the mobile I have no knowledge of any. Even important date or appointments. Along with my things-to-do list. And most of my mental notes nonetheless. As well as some important text messages that worth keeping. Essentially, I have used my brain lesser by the day and become too dependent on that small equipment. Hence, when it didn't work... I felt like a cripple.

Technologies has done wonders so to speak to the extent they invade the important function of our system - the brain aka memory!

As for my mobile phone, I have already got a replacement - not brandnew but a hand-me-down one - which I am very grateful of. At this point, I'm still hoping that I could re-use my phone again. It does have sentimental value.

And lesson learnt - don't trust the mechanism for they will malfunction. If you can, memorise important data for memorising is the best food for the brain.

Which one is first?

Could someone please tell me which one comes first -
the breakfast or the exercise????

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yang Baru

Aku mahu jadi aku yang baru
sebelum bermulanya tahun baru.
Aku tahu aku perlu jadi yang baru
kerana semuanya akan ku tukarkan menjadi baru.
Cara kerja ku perlu baru.
Strateji ku perlu baru.
Pendekatan ku mesti baru.
Olahan ku harus baru.
Pengenalan ku nanti baru.
Cubaan tentulah baru.
Hasilnya pasti baru.


Aku juga perlu baju baru.
Kasut baru.
Seluar baru.
Aku mahu jadi orang baru.
Walau bukan berwajah baru.
Semoga aku mampu menjadi orang baru.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YAYYY!!! School holidays is here!!!!!

When all headaches begin (migraine would be a strong word, I think) *wink* Double yayy for the fact that I don't have to ferry them to school. At least for the next 45 days. heh heh In exchange, I have to face with a great deal of:
  • endless bickerings, squabbling, shouting, yelling, quarelling. I tell you, these will sure drive me up the wall.
  • endless cartoon programmes. Till your eyes pop out but you get to know all the cartoon characters though.
  • a very long queue to get on the internet. I've drawn up rules that each person get to use the internet 2 hours per day and whoever break the rule will end up with no internet the next day. ha ha ha and I tell you, this is where the major fight will start.
  • round the clock hunger attacks. They get hungry all the time, if only I have some kind of a food feeder machine. Very likely that the kitchen would be where I spend my time most this holiday.

hmmm so much for being excited not having to spend time on the road!!!!! Hope it's going to be a great school holiday nonetheless.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Went to a fitness store the other day and got a shock of my life - over the past few weeks, I have gained 3kgs and my body fat percentage shot up to 36%. MY OH MY!!!! No matter how much I wanted to blame the wrong data given to the machine and convince myself that gaining weight does not really matter what's important is happiness but seeing that figure however, affected me to a certain degree. Must do something. Really must do something! Not so ambitious but at least back to normal.

note: yeah, rite! like i really can control my diet....... those who stay close to me know how much i eat, how i eat and the things i choose to eat. the fact that i am fat reflects so much on what i eat (yeah.. like no one knows that...). honestly anyway, i love eating just like other normal people. there are a lot of edible things that i really adore... and sadly i am picky about veggies. i can eat salad.. you know, lettuce and the kind.... and of course i love them... only that other things catch my eyes first.. hence my dumping on salads or veggie. seriously tho, i need to review my diet if being fat is my main concern now. and the fact that my passion towards baking is growing these days is slowing down the effort of reviewing what i eat. i know i need therapy.... but all i can think right now is kitchen and food therapy. but i don't want to be fat... or rather stay fat. ugh!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mechanicals Showdown

The two important electrical equipments in the house are acting up - the TV and the washing machine.

TV has been out since about a month and a half but last week it went back to normal although there was slight glitch when turning it on. This week it was completely out.

Washing machine was also cranky. First, it couldn't control the water that came in. Then, it was ok.. back to normal. Last few days, it couldn't even cycle but could still take in water and spin.

I know I should send those two for repair... but I have no idea why I am still postponing it. Seriously, these electrical equipments these days don't last long... unlike those days.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Hobbit

He has a new hobby now - photography. So our weekends are now spent outside. Some are planned, some are just spur of the moment decision. It is fun. You get to go places you never thought of going before and you get to go to some places more than a time. It is really fun and refreshing, what's more your weekends won't be the same anymore. Except when it has been raining for few days and that particular weekend happen to be a very sunny weekend and the 2 loads of laundry desperately need sunshine. Except when he gets to do what he wants to do and I only get to follow. Except when I have to control the 3 little ones like one mad woman out there while he's wrapped up with the surrounding and I am later weary from exhaustion.

Not just that. He likes to shoot animals and plants. And buildings and scenery too. After 3 months, I realised that there are weekends that I like spent elsewhere rather than spending time staring at caged animals or plants or some lifeless structure or architecture.... you know, once a while spending time staring at those lifeless things being displayed in windows in the shopping malls, for instance, would give me a different perspective and keep me update too with the current affair. But then, he insists that I tag along every time he goes outing which the 3 little ones enjoy so much apparently. So I'm left with no choice.

Maybe I too should take up a hobby. So when he gets to pursue what he likes, I get to do the same too. Although not at the same time. But all my hobbies (heh heh ALL eh? just how many do I have? it's a serious hobbyholics case! ha ha ha) are domestic material, like cross stitching or my needleworks requires me to be stationary, reading requires a quiet and comfy place again not moving, baking definitely need to be done in a kitchen and mug collecting relies on friends and relatives who go overseas. What is it that's something 'outdoory' and natural and fun to do?

Perhaps I can pick up a new or similar one to photography though - like developing passion at staring at caged animals maybe or be profoundly obsessed with flora and fauna. hmmm....

Please don't misunderstand my statement. Of course I like these outings and of course I'm all for the photography thingy. For what it's worth... it makes us look forward to every weekends and we do learn a lot from them. Only when I don't get to do things I want to do or do things I have to do. That's all.

Upset beyond belief

I'm not upset. I am beyond upset. For anything that happens, and as I've always loved saying and believing in it, there's always a reason, or reasonssss for that matter, behind it. It is how you look at it and react towards it. There's always two sides of things, more so two sides of seeing things. Not to mention the two consequences that follow suit. Either side or sight or consequence, I believe it is you who decide.

Life is short. Life is about making choices.There's no time to fuss over things that have already happened. When they happen, acknowledge them, learn whatever lessons from them and move on. What's so hard about that? Is it not that's what life is all about? What do you gain pinpointing fingers, saying words that hurt, making unnecessary remark, what's more humiliating people?

At the end of the day, it's what you prioritise in life - protecting or hurting your loved ones or your not so loved ones. Whatever. You choose.

Hah... now I am less upset. Still upset but lesser..... which should be better, right? Life is short anyway. Right.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Books and I v2009-2

Now that I am at it, I realised that I haven't been reading for some time this year. The other day while at Amazon, I was contemplating to get Ms Ahern's and Ms Green's latest books as opposed to many others that were on discounts. But when my attention was interrupted, the desire to own these books vanished. I am easily distracted these days I notice.

For the statistics, this year so far I managed to finish Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess (thru Amazon procurement) and Cathy Kelly's Past Secrets. ONLY!

Hope to do better next year. Maybe I should get some Cathy Kelly's or Sophie Kinsella's or Jane Green's or Cecelia Ahern's.... (heh, notice how I so adore these writers that I dare not try other equally good authors.... and the choice is so 'chick-litty'.... playing safe here just so I don't become too ambitious knowing how occupied my time would be or rather has always been). Or perhaps just browse through the Niece's bookshelf first as I can remember she has quite a number of good readings over there. That'd save me some extra money there.. errr but sometimes I have a disturbing urge of buying than borrowing. Satisfaction, eh?

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that although I did less reading this year, I did buy 2 books though - Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess and The Whimsical Bakehouse... hmm attention diversion that's why less reading and more baking. I got Cathy Kelly's Past Secrets as my birthday gift too.

I love reading!!!!