Wednesday, November 18, 2009

YAYYY!!! School holidays is here!!!!!

When all headaches begin (migraine would be a strong word, I think) *wink* Double yayy for the fact that I don't have to ferry them to school. At least for the next 45 days. heh heh In exchange, I have to face with a great deal of:
  • endless bickerings, squabbling, shouting, yelling, quarelling. I tell you, these will sure drive me up the wall.
  • endless cartoon programmes. Till your eyes pop out but you get to know all the cartoon characters though.
  • a very long queue to get on the internet. I've drawn up rules that each person get to use the internet 2 hours per day and whoever break the rule will end up with no internet the next day. ha ha ha and I tell you, this is where the major fight will start.
  • round the clock hunger attacks. They get hungry all the time, if only I have some kind of a food feeder machine. Very likely that the kitchen would be where I spend my time most this holiday.

hmmm so much for being excited not having to spend time on the road!!!!! Hope it's going to be a great school holiday nonetheless.

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