Monday, November 16, 2009


Went to a fitness store the other day and got a shock of my life - over the past few weeks, I have gained 3kgs and my body fat percentage shot up to 36%. MY OH MY!!!! No matter how much I wanted to blame the wrong data given to the machine and convince myself that gaining weight does not really matter what's important is happiness but seeing that figure however, affected me to a certain degree. Must do something. Really must do something! Not so ambitious but at least back to normal.

note: yeah, rite! like i really can control my diet....... those who stay close to me know how much i eat, how i eat and the things i choose to eat. the fact that i am fat reflects so much on what i eat (yeah.. like no one knows that...). honestly anyway, i love eating just like other normal people. there are a lot of edible things that i really adore... and sadly i am picky about veggies. i can eat salad.. you know, lettuce and the kind.... and of course i love them... only that other things catch my eyes first.. hence my dumping on salads or veggie. seriously tho, i need to review my diet if being fat is my main concern now. and the fact that my passion towards baking is growing these days is slowing down the effort of reviewing what i eat. i know i need therapy.... but all i can think right now is kitchen and food therapy. but i don't want to be fat... or rather stay fat. ugh!

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