Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Hobbit

He has a new hobby now - photography. So our weekends are now spent outside. Some are planned, some are just spur of the moment decision. It is fun. You get to go places you never thought of going before and you get to go to some places more than a time. It is really fun and refreshing, what's more your weekends won't be the same anymore. Except when it has been raining for few days and that particular weekend happen to be a very sunny weekend and the 2 loads of laundry desperately need sunshine. Except when he gets to do what he wants to do and I only get to follow. Except when I have to control the 3 little ones like one mad woman out there while he's wrapped up with the surrounding and I am later weary from exhaustion.

Not just that. He likes to shoot animals and plants. And buildings and scenery too. After 3 months, I realised that there are weekends that I like spent elsewhere rather than spending time staring at caged animals or plants or some lifeless structure or architecture.... you know, once a while spending time staring at those lifeless things being displayed in windows in the shopping malls, for instance, would give me a different perspective and keep me update too with the current affair. But then, he insists that I tag along every time he goes outing which the 3 little ones enjoy so much apparently. So I'm left with no choice.

Maybe I too should take up a hobby. So when he gets to pursue what he likes, I get to do the same too. Although not at the same time. But all my hobbies (heh heh ALL eh? just how many do I have? it's a serious hobbyholics case! ha ha ha) are domestic material, like cross stitching or my needleworks requires me to be stationary, reading requires a quiet and comfy place again not moving, baking definitely need to be done in a kitchen and mug collecting relies on friends and relatives who go overseas. What is it that's something 'outdoory' and natural and fun to do?

Perhaps I can pick up a new or similar one to photography though - like developing passion at staring at caged animals maybe or be profoundly obsessed with flora and fauna. hmmm....

Please don't misunderstand my statement. Of course I like these outings and of course I'm all for the photography thingy. For what it's worth... it makes us look forward to every weekends and we do learn a lot from them. Only when I don't get to do things I want to do or do things I have to do. That's all.

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