Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crippling mind

My mobile has gone kaputtt!!!!! My LIFE!!! My WINDOW to the outside worlddd!!!!

Of late, inspired by his father's enthusiasm in photography, no. 5 too wanted a camera of his own. The closest he get to his wish is my mobile phone cam which apparently has become his latest toy. I don't let him play but to make him quiet, I just have to give in.

Each time he's done using the mobile, he would pass it back to my hand. I was doing the dishes in a clogged sink that time and that was when the mobile ended up in the basin full of water. Not because it slipped off my hand but because he willfully slided it into the basin.

I have been very dependent on that gadget for years now. I used to memorise all phone numbers then, every number... well at least important numbers of friends and families, was at the tip of my finger. Now if asked of a friend's or family's number, without the mobile I have no knowledge of any. Even important date or appointments. Along with my things-to-do list. And most of my mental notes nonetheless. As well as some important text messages that worth keeping. Essentially, I have used my brain lesser by the day and become too dependent on that small equipment. Hence, when it didn't work... I felt like a cripple.

Technologies has done wonders so to speak to the extent they invade the important function of our system - the brain aka memory!

As for my mobile phone, I have already got a replacement - not brandnew but a hand-me-down one - which I am very grateful of. At this point, I'm still hoping that I could re-use my phone again. It does have sentimental value.

And lesson learnt - don't trust the mechanism for they will malfunction. If you can, memorise important data for memorising is the best food for the brain.

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  1. ida restoran saba tu kat cyberjaya...kat area international college apa ntah....tak amik pot kat mana...tau2 sampai je hehehe walhal almost every mth since awal thn tu dok gi sana kik kik kik