Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dishonesty is the policy

There is definitely something wrong with Malaysian Postal Service or is it something wrong with the attitude of Malaysian mailman?

You see, last year, #1 and cousin made an online transaction. They purchase few Ts from UK together with some stickers and badges. Mode of delivery was via normal mail. Five Ts made it through. We waited for the last one but never arrived so we made enquiries to the company in UK. Actually, we did suspect that the mail could've been lost in transit - it made its way to KL only probably someone took it or simply lost in the mail. The company in UK came back saying that they were having some trouble with Malaysia orders as none of them were reaching their destination even though they had been sent 3, 4 times. We waited till they sorted the problem with our postal service.

Last week, it finally reached our residence. What really caught my attention was what I saw on the postman motorbike - the stickers. The very same stickers that didn't reach us. I would think that this person must have taken one of the packages although I know I can't accuse without any proof but it's a very rare brandname and according to #1 and cuz, this brandname is unpopular here and only known to certain teens. It's so impossible not to think otherwise.

So if next time you expect something in the mail and it doesn't arrive, go track it because it may end up in the postman's personal bag.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Journal of a FAILED Dieter

Day before Day One
Bought ingredients for diet recipes. All excited for this diet plan. Had the timetable all drawn out and put up on the fridge just so I won't stray from the plan. Had a pre-celebration - consumed nasi lemak, white rice and ikan masak kicap, a packet of munchy's nuss hazelnut wafer (I think around 10-12 pieces), a 250ml carton of chocolate milk, 1 piece of pulut panggang, 2 pieces of kuih bakar and list went on till midnight. hehehe... some preparation, huh?

Day One
Had oat in the morning, apple for mid-am snack, orange salad for lunch. Frankly, it felt like first day puasa. Melepeksss.... it was Sunday so I was home most of the time. Did exercise for 10 minutes, couldn't do more as no. 5 would sit on me whenever he saw me lying down. Very supportive brat!

Day Two
Another round of oat today for breakfast. Funnily though that I somehow crave for food when on non-diet days I couldn't care less about food, take for instance the fish curry I cooked. Hmmm... I supposed this is what they call carbo craving. Had cheated a bit... had no heart to see the fish untouched so I kinda snack on that. Hah!! Anyway, exercise as usual - 10 minutes.

Day Three
Felt like dropping the whole plan altogether. Just couldn't take it. The recipes were simple, but it was a bit time consuming as I had to prepare them rather early, like soaking the beans and lentils the night before. Errmm although making the french or yogurt dressing only take up less than 5 minutes of my time. Here is when I started to make excuses for not eating right. What's more, the sambal sotong and chicken rice I cooked for the family were pure temptations. Sambal is my favourite, irresistable! So again I cheated... mix the rice with the leftover sambal and had that for lunch. mmmmmm.. really satisfying!

Day Four
It was raining heavily in the morning. As always, I associate rain with hunger. You know when the normal feeling you have when it's cold, the tummy seems to be talking. A lot. Still sticking to the diet plan though, bought nasi lemak for no. 1, 4 and 5. Ooohh the smell I tell you. Nearly tasted the sambal. Diet went smooth although couldn't really overcome the craving. Duh!

Day Five
And already I felt like the fiftieth day that I was deprived of sugar, carbo, protein etc etc aka FOOD. Honestly, no inspirational words neither the blue kebaya can change my mind at this point of time I can tell you. What's more there's sambal udang kertas and kembung asam pedas waiting down in the kitchen. Why in the world did I cook all the irresistable dishes while dieting - I totally have no idea.

Day Five - 5.30pm
I am officially a failed dieter. Started nibbling on the leftover apricots. Couldn't resist the cakes I baked for Maz... well this one I really had to - quality control purposes. Diet plan gone haywire.

Day Six and Seven
I was on oat and oatmeal on and off but slacking at every mealtime.

What I am trying to do is to have a balanced and healthy food since the waistline has stretched far more than I expected and it doesn't look like it's decreasing at all that I started hating it. I mean, if you don't start now, when will be the perfect time, right? But it only proved one thing - I just don't have the will power. I am weaky weaky WEAK. Very poor at disciplining myself. Not that I don't get support. In fact, I have Sha who constantly called to check what I had that particular day and reminded me of my goals. Sadly, that is not enough. A failure I am, up to this moment I haven't got the gut to stand on the scale yet although the one I stood on in the supermarket showed encouraging figure while the one at home showed totally different figure.

Anyhow, while I find it hard to be on this diet regime, I would stick to my oat and wholemeal bread somehow.... If you must know that ever since I started this diet, Sha has been filling me up with all sorts of other diet plans - the no-rice plan, the all-oat plan, the on n off plan.. in fact I came up with a plan too - book-way and Sha's-way plan. ;> Guess I'd stick to my new plan and hope that in time I will be able to follow the diet and reach my target.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Why I hate traffic offenders!!!!

  1. Well, who doesn't?
  2. I am an amatuer driver. I am indecisive at times when approaching a T-junction or making a turn at a junction, what's more at a busy road. So please respect that, don't honk unnecessarily.
  3. I have children in my car when I'm on the road and I take extra precaution to make sure that I travel safely with them especially when I'm on the road almost every two hours every day.
  4. Their mistakes, we pay.
  5. They run the red lights and when they do, they make it look like they own the road. I do run red lights only when I feel safe *wink*. I have kids in my car, remember? And of course I want to show them the importance of road safety. Ibu is not a bad driver.
  6. They are the most sickening lot of people who think their time is the most important in the world. If you want to reach whatever place early, go out early la.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Creepy slimy creature

Now tell me how did the slug get into my kitchen sink???? Ewwwwww...

I was up late last nite baking some cakes for Maz when I saw that creature in the sink. That wasn't the first time, a second slug I found in my kitchen sink. Is there any superstitious about slugs on a Thursday nite, or rather on a malam Jumaat? It gave me the creep when thinking about it, let alone seeing an almost 6inch slug in the kitchen sink who appeared out of nowhere. I mean, it was just there. It was not like it just came crawling from outside the window or from down the floor.... it was just there. Already there. In the kitchen sink. I was at the kitchen sink a few seconds before and when I turned, it was already there. And bloated some more. Ewwwwwww

Could it have climbed up from the sink hole? Couldn't be as it was too big to fit into the hole cover. Could it have been there all this while and I didn't notice it? But I cleaned the sink before I started baking. What exactly attracted the slug to the kitchen sink, if it feeds on leaves.. there were no leaves there, neither was there any sort of plant but I did have some egg shells in it. Do they feed on egg shells??? No, they don't right? Ewwwwww

Oh well. I wanted to get rid of that creature so badly that I thought of sprinkling some salt on it. But backed off when I remembered the last time I did that, it secreted some sticky mucus that I could hardly bear the sight of it. There's no way I would go through cleaning the slimy trail again. Oh, helppp!!!!

Not long after, I saw the slug made a U-turn and as I watched, it made its way out through the window. So, that was where it came from, I supposed. Perhaps the slug was a curious case or it probably was a drunken slug who couldn't find its way back home and thought the cold steel of the kitchen sink was probably his home. 

Whatever it is, I don't want to think the unthinkable especially on a freaky malam Jumaat, also when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Not once, but twice.

Keupayaan telepathy

Selalu macam ni tau. Bila tak sebut, tak jadi apa-apa. Tapi bila sebut je, macam-macam jadi.

Earlier, aku ada cerita pasal kawan yang dah lama tak contact tu kan. Tup-tup sebaik sahaja nota aku pasal tu dipublishkan, dia call. Rasa bersalah lah pulak pasal merungut-rungut. Tu yang aku kata kadang-kadang kita ni semberono je dan tak memahami masalah orang. Ada dua kemungkinan - samada aku ni memang pemaaf orangnya ataupun aku tidak memiliki kesabaran yang tinggi.

Sama macam kalau anak sakit dan tak bawak pergi klinik. Berlarut-larut sakitnya padahal dah habis sebotol ubat demam. Tup-tup bawak je jumpa doktor, tak dan minum ubat lagi, demam dah hilang. Camne tu?

Telepathy kot. Macam-macam.