Friday, April 10, 2009

Why I hate traffic offenders!!!!

  1. Well, who doesn't?
  2. I am an amatuer driver. I am indecisive at times when approaching a T-junction or making a turn at a junction, what's more at a busy road. So please respect that, don't honk unnecessarily.
  3. I have children in my car when I'm on the road and I take extra precaution to make sure that I travel safely with them especially when I'm on the road almost every two hours every day.
  4. Their mistakes, we pay.
  5. They run the red lights and when they do, they make it look like they own the road. I do run red lights only when I feel safe *wink*. I have kids in my car, remember? And of course I want to show them the importance of road safety. Ibu is not a bad driver.
  6. They are the most sickening lot of people who think their time is the most important in the world. If you want to reach whatever place early, go out early la.

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