Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dishonesty is the policy

There is definitely something wrong with Malaysian Postal Service or is it something wrong with the attitude of Malaysian mailman?

You see, last year, #1 and cousin made an online transaction. They purchase few Ts from UK together with some stickers and badges. Mode of delivery was via normal mail. Five Ts made it through. We waited for the last one but never arrived so we made enquiries to the company in UK. Actually, we did suspect that the mail could've been lost in transit - it made its way to KL only probably someone took it or simply lost in the mail. The company in UK came back saying that they were having some trouble with Malaysia orders as none of them were reaching their destination even though they had been sent 3, 4 times. We waited till they sorted the problem with our postal service.

Last week, it finally reached our residence. What really caught my attention was what I saw on the postman motorbike - the stickers. The very same stickers that didn't reach us. I would think that this person must have taken one of the packages although I know I can't accuse without any proof but it's a very rare brandname and according to #1 and cuz, this brandname is unpopular here and only known to certain teens. It's so impossible not to think otherwise.

So if next time you expect something in the mail and it doesn't arrive, go track it because it may end up in the postman's personal bag.

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