Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad mommy

If there's a worst-mom-evah award, the honorable recipient would be myself I can assure you. I am indeed the baddest mom in the world.

Here's the top ten reasons why, although they probably have more in their list:
  1. I finished up a whole bar of Cadbury Almond Roasted chocolate all by myself. Not a tiny bit of it I shared with any five.
  2. I left no. 5 wailing in the house while I went out seeing friends and had a heckuva time.
  3. I forced, to the extent blackmailed, no. 3 to school despite his protests and excuses he gave on why he didn't want to go.
  4. I hold grudge against them whenever they disobey me, don't listen to me.
  5. When I am on the net or do my hobby and even on my TV night, I ignore the surrounding. And that includes no. 5.
  6. I get angry everytime no. 5 gets clingy. What breaks your heart is that he understands I am angry at him and he makes faces just so I don't get angrier.
  7. I feed them maggi mee, cepat dimasak sedap dimakan and a lot of other junkies.
  8. I nag, I judge, I criticise. ha ha ha and needless to say, good at it.
  9. I am a lazy mom. Not like other moms who do things for their children, I make them do things themselves ha ha ha like buat air teh, goreng telur, basuh kasut.
  10. I am not their best friend.

However, in my defense:
Point no. 1
I always share with them foodwise. I buy junkies they like when I buy groceries. And they don't even share them with me. So once a while when I need to pamper myself with chocolate, I get even.

Point no. 2
If I don't do this, God knows when I can go out winding down or taking a break. My life revolves around them, once a while I need a getaway since I can't be cast away. I have to. Plus a happy mom makes a happy family, right?

Point no. 3
Oh come on! It's school. It's education. Whatever the reasons are, I don't care. He must go to school even though he spends 2 or 3 periods doing nothing (you know.. teacher got meeting lah, teacher went for course la, teacher off duty la... bla bla bla), he must be in school.

Point no. 4
Of course!! I'm the mom. They are the children. They deliberately disobey me all the time. As cliche as it may be, children listen to the parents, particularly the mom. So I'm the mom. Period.
Point no. 5
Mom needs a break too. Only on Tuesday nights. Too much to ask? After all, it's not going to be Tuesday nights throughout the year, only until the season finale of the show. After that, Tuesday nights would be like any other nights. Like I said, I need break so that I don't break, get me? Further, when are the times that I can do what I want or what I like if I don't fight for it, ya?

Point no. 6
This is the thing with breastfeeding I tell you, the baby, who is now in his 19th month, gets soooo clingy, sooo attached that sometimes you are not able to do anything else but be by his side, feed him. Had he been bottlefed, life will sail much smoother I suppose. I don't have regrets anyway except only when I need to bake and when I need to use both hands.

Point no. 7
I am just sharing nice food with my children, anything wrong with that? Plus they all love it. Also make it easier for me a bit lah especially on my lazy days to cook. But I don't feed them everyday... once in a while.

Point no. 8
Doesn't that what all moms do? Nag is the top activity. Judge is a process of learning about the challenges the outside world offers. And criticise, ahhh.... a skill so sharp it's being polished everyday on four different people that you kinda feel something missing when you don't do it one day.

Point no. 9
The reason I do that is to enhance their survival skills. That's all. No bad intention. And because I am a lazy person. *wink*

Point no. 10
As much as I want to be their best friends, apparently I am not. Probably I am so bogged down with the housework that only occasionally I ask and talk to them about their day, the school, their homework. Although I am home all the time but when I make time for them, I do it hastily. I am too focus on the cooking, housekeeping, laundry and all the other endless chores. Bad mommy huh?

Well, I am not that bad, I must admit.... wait till you see what all 5 do to me. For what it's worth, I really want to be #1's, #2's, #3's, #4's and #5's best mom in the world!

Since it is still May, Happy Mommy's Day to all you great mommies and aunties alike.


  1. Nothing wrong with being a Lazy Mom! You are raising independent children who will grow into self sufficient adults. You are not meant to be their best friend, you are meant to be their mother. Sounds like you are doing a great job!

  2. Sometimes when you are surrounded with all these wonderful moms who do stuff for their children, you somehow feel inadequate. Thanx for making me feel ok for who I am.