Sunday, May 24, 2009

How I try to be organised

I really need to be more organised. These days the list of chores I have seemed so unaccomplishable. All the backlogs... ugghhh, 24 hours is never enough. If I skipped sleeping time, I'm pretty sure I will be up all night trying to finish whatever work is outstanding. It is never finished, it never even ends. In fact, the loads get more and more each day.

Honestly, I have always been a very disorganised person. A perfect example for tardiness. And I am plain lazy. I guess that explains all the backlogs. So much for trying to work smart *wink*, trying to do everything from having fun to having the work done at the same time. If you haven't noticed, housework can never end. Take the laundry, for instance. No matter how you try to load the dirty laundry in the machine, the basket however will never be empty. You clear it at 10.00 am, by 10.30 the same day, it is half full. By next morning, it's overloaded. Or perhaps the dirty dishes. You think you have cleaned all, and after an hour you come back into the kitchen, the sink is filled up again. Let's not talk about the dust, the mess, the rubbish because like the housework, they are no ends. Also because the person doing it is rather lazy.

So you see... if I were to concentrate on trying to make the house neat and tidy, spotless clean, how else do I find time to do the things that I like? Things that I want to do? Or at least have some entertainment? Or maybe just rest when there are clearly 6 persons contributing to the workloads and only one person doing it? The answer is never.

I have to do all these chores. But I have to be happy. At the same time I have to get the housework done in order to be happy happy. And in order to be happy happy, I have to be organised. How? I have no idea.

I need a plan. But I won't have high expectation on accomplishment wise. As long as all areas show progress, I would think that's an accomplishment already. Right? Let's not try to be ambitious in this impossibe world. Well, at least by now I already have my KPI drawn out.

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