Friday, April 3, 2009

Creepy slimy creature

Now tell me how did the slug get into my kitchen sink???? Ewwwwww...

I was up late last nite baking some cakes for Maz when I saw that creature in the sink. That wasn't the first time, a second slug I found in my kitchen sink. Is there any superstitious about slugs on a Thursday nite, or rather on a malam Jumaat? It gave me the creep when thinking about it, let alone seeing an almost 6inch slug in the kitchen sink who appeared out of nowhere. I mean, it was just there. It was not like it just came crawling from outside the window or from down the floor.... it was just there. Already there. In the kitchen sink. I was at the kitchen sink a few seconds before and when I turned, it was already there. And bloated some more. Ewwwwwww

Could it have climbed up from the sink hole? Couldn't be as it was too big to fit into the hole cover. Could it have been there all this while and I didn't notice it? But I cleaned the sink before I started baking. What exactly attracted the slug to the kitchen sink, if it feeds on leaves.. there were no leaves there, neither was there any sort of plant but I did have some egg shells in it. Do they feed on egg shells??? No, they don't right? Ewwwwww

Oh well. I wanted to get rid of that creature so badly that I thought of sprinkling some salt on it. But backed off when I remembered the last time I did that, it secreted some sticky mucus that I could hardly bear the sight of it. There's no way I would go through cleaning the slimy trail again. Oh, helppp!!!!

Not long after, I saw the slug made a U-turn and as I watched, it made its way out through the window. So, that was where it came from, I supposed. Perhaps the slug was a curious case or it probably was a drunken slug who couldn't find its way back home and thought the cold steel of the kitchen sink was probably his home. 

Whatever it is, I don't want to think the unthinkable especially on a freaky malam Jumaat, also when it suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Not once, but twice.


  1. wei binatang tu minat kat ang le tu....hehehe...mana gambo kek nya meh le tayang kat sini...

  2. yg pelik tu awat binatang2 yg ku tk kenan suka mai... isk. ku tak ti ah nk letak gambo tang ni... nanti bg ku pandai dulu na....