Thursday, November 5, 2009

Books and I v2009-2

Now that I am at it, I realised that I haven't been reading for some time this year. The other day while at Amazon, I was contemplating to get Ms Ahern's and Ms Green's latest books as opposed to many others that were on discounts. But when my attention was interrupted, the desire to own these books vanished. I am easily distracted these days I notice.

For the statistics, this year so far I managed to finish Kinsella's Undomestic Goddess (thru Amazon procurement) and Cathy Kelly's Past Secrets. ONLY!

Hope to do better next year. Maybe I should get some Cathy Kelly's or Sophie Kinsella's or Jane Green's or Cecelia Ahern's.... (heh, notice how I so adore these writers that I dare not try other equally good authors.... and the choice is so 'chick-litty'.... playing safe here just so I don't become too ambitious knowing how occupied my time would be or rather has always been). Or perhaps just browse through the Niece's bookshelf first as I can remember she has quite a number of good readings over there. That'd save me some extra money there.. errr but sometimes I have a disturbing urge of buying than borrowing. Satisfaction, eh?

Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that although I did less reading this year, I did buy 2 books though - Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess and The Whimsical Bakehouse... hmm attention diversion that's why less reading and more baking. I got Cathy Kelly's Past Secrets as my birthday gift too.

I love reading!!!!

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