Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day Out

It was a fine Friday morning, the weather was fine, the attitude was fine, the excitement was fine, the food was fine too. In fact everything was fine. It was indeed a fine day to go out. No, it didn't turn out bad. It was fine the whole day.

So as planned, we made our way to Janda Baik although we (my entourage, of course) were almost an hour late. Supposed to meet Sha and Maz at 9 but they ended up starting the journey without me. Thanks to my excess baggage - 3 teenagers. The 3 little ones were right on time, they were the excited ones. It was the three teenagers who were just eager to see where we were heading actually. So, eager minus excitement equals dilly dally. One of whom was having an asthma attack at the last minute but insist to go just so she wouldn't miss on anything. I was reluctant in the beginning to take her along but gave in, eventually, and let her go despite her condition. That was also another reason why we were behind time that day.

It was not difficult finding our way to Janda Baik although Sha was so concerned, I mean the LLM provides good signboards along the highway so what is there to worry. To Sha probably because she is used to that route that the signboards are probably oblivious to her. Also Sha is a good host naturally, for sure she was worried if in case we missed the junction and God knows where the road will lead us. I was not sure myself in the beginning but braved it through anyway and we reached Sha's hideaway at 11. Sha was really worried you know that she insisted she meet us half way and I agreed anyway although I assured her that we could find our way. That is to say I am quite good with directions - if given detailed direction, of course.*wink*

The place was indeed a perfect hideaway - private, serene, quiet, stunning. The sungai, oh.. it was so soothing, cool, cold and clear. It's at the right depth and width - hah, am no good at describing sungai. For the record, I haven't been 'in a sungai' for ages you see so among the seven of us (I am referring to my entourage of course) or perhaps Maz and Sha inclusive, I am the most excited person to be there. And the food, I tell you, was aplenty. Sha brought macaroni salad, sardines and snakcs for the children and mommies. Maz brought nasi, ayam kicap, sayur campur and the tasty sambal belimbing. While I brought pasta, fried mee hoon, tuna, bread, potato salad and chocolate cheese cupcake (this is a special treat for both Sha and Maz). Ermm, I wasn't showing off any culinary skills here, mind you, but I had to bring more to make sure that those who came together with me have enough to eat. 

We were only there for an hour when the three teenagers started to get bored. Hmm.. this is the reason why I was reluctant to take them along in the first place. The fun spoiler. What's more when they noticed that Genting is just a stone throw away, they had been distracted. Since that was my first time being in the sungai after not being in it for so long, also we had been planning for this for so long too, I ignored them. Well, they were the ones who wanted to follow so much, they have to go my way. Go entertain yourselves, ha ha.

The fun was just started when we saw grey clouds in the sky. I know we have been in the water for almost three hours, but it was so fun especially when the children just got acquainted with each other that you didn't notice that time fly. At 3.00, it started to rain. I was reluctant to come out of the water but before things get awry, I better do. It was a heavy downpour. I thought the girls were getting more bored so I decided to pack things up and leave in the rain but instead they enjoyed watching the water rose. It was good letting them know the importance of keeping the river clean, be responsible for the nature. I hope they learn something that day as they witnessed the rubbish brought about by the downpour - the used styrofoam, McDonalds plastic bags, logs, bamboos, even diapers. They even joked if there might be some corpses or something that would pass by. Hmmm.. thrilling, eh? Well at least they had fun too even it was already towards the end.

All good things must come to an end. So after watching the river flooded the steps, we made our way home. Boy, I didn't realise the impact of playing in the water is so great that I could barely lift my legs when we reached home, in fact I was literally flat that night. I had the most fun that day and we hope that Sha would have us over again.

Just so you know, I lost one of my limited edition tupperware during the rain. #5 tossed it in the river and although I felt I should jump into the water and save it, the sensible part of me acted fast. Even the girls thought I would jump in. I know it was a stupid thing to do but that is my limited edition collections. Anyway, it is the more reason the remember Sha's place.

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  1. wah sonoknya jalan2 mandi2 hehehe. tq for stopping by at my blog. ntah tak tau ada cite ke tak lagu korea tu...tapi kami dgr masa rancangan...apa yek...korea nya song chart tu... anak ku suka tgk talk show korea. mama dia plak bila free layan le cite jiwang2 tu...tapi tk le obsess...bila ada masa terluang je hehehe