Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some issues, huh?

Do you know of a person who had been a good friend, came to you for advice and even share personal stories, called you every other day sometimes for no reason and then one day kept quiet, distant herself and acted unreachable. I tried calling and texting but nothing came back and this wasn't the first time it happened, already the third time over a period of two months. 

I don't want to be called paranoid nor insensitive but keeping silence for a period of two weeks bothers me. A lot. Honestly, I can't recall of anything that I had said nor done to this person that could have prompted her to react in that manner. Well, we are adults. Grown ups. Parents. If you have issues we talk it over and find solutions. Keeping distance doesn't help and it is so not adult thing to do.

As much as I am a friend keeper, I do have certain rules and guidelines that I follow and one of them is if second attempt fails too, abort the whole mission. So I have decided this time, unlike other times where despite several failed attempts, I still try, I am going to wait and watch. After all, it is just one friendship... who knows it's not worth saving anyway.

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