Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warehouse Sale crazy

Initially, it was a big decision I had to make and I had to make it fast. Really quickly. And I did.

I was at Mattel warehouse sale on Thursday. It was at spur of the moment that I decided to go there. At first, I was contemplating as I am not sure whether or not it was worth going since the place is quite far and the best time to go would be during office hours when traffic is less congested. I was planning to buy some Barbie's accessories and Hotwheels to add to the current collection, of the children's of course. None of which is necessary so to speak. I went anyway.

One reason, like I said earlier, is to buy toys obviously. The second is I wanted to witness the commotion. Some who went last time told me it was to die for. Hmm... come to think of it, I think I should participate in certain hot sale just to experience it. hah!!

Frankly, I haven't been to any Mattel warehouse sale. I am not really a toy-buyer kind of person nor do I have much to spend on toys by the way. And when I buy, I will choose the educational toys. I don't really encourage the children to buy more toys, what's more keeping a collection. Normally, I stress on making do with whatever is available. I mean, these little people here in my house are mostly irresponsible, careless, less appreciative - they hold on to their motto - for toys that they have lost, they can buy a new one. Do you think they care if I threaten to throw away the toys if they don't put them away after playing? Heck, NO. But somehow they have this idea up in their head for, like, forever. But then lately, I change. I give in whenever they want to add their collection, more so I am the one who gets too excited about keeping a collection. One hotwheel car costs 6 ringgit now, I guess that doesn't really make a big hole in your pocket. Neither does a pair of dress for Barbie which cost almost 25 ringgit. We go back to MasterCard commercial - Toys - 125 ringgit, to see the smile on my children face - priceless. So?

Back to Mattel sale. Gosh, I don't believe these people. I was only at the entrance of the shopping mall when I saw a lady with a full loaded trolley coming out. Oh dear, is this sale really fantastic or is it because that lady has so much money and has less idea on how to spend it (normal reaction for someone who seldom goes to a warehouse sale). And who said our economy is slowing down? Look at those people I met at this warehouse sale and it's only a toy sale. I made my way through although it was almost 4. Indeed, it wasn't really a good time to go as there was not much choice. Well, I don't have much to spend anyway. I got hold of a T-Rex Ramp Hotwheels set and 2 Barbie I Can Be sets. These were among the not many left by earlier customers, fyi.

One customer caught my attention with his huge purchases. So huge it was like he was going to sell them. I was tempted to pick up a Barbie bedroom set from one of the boxes near him when I heard him telling another customer - 'excuse me, that belongs to us too'! That belongs to us too???? So this particular customer must have mistakenly taken a toy from one of his boxes earlier - oh yes, they don't provide trolleys, they have boxes for you to put your purchase in. I don't want to know how much he spent for I know it is definitely a fortune.

I had to leave quickly as no. 3 finished school at 5.20pm and if the traffic was bad, it would take me half an hour to reach the school. I made a wise decision, not for coming to this sale unfortunately, but for making an instant decision on what to buy and heading up to the counter although while waiting I still looked around to see if they added more stocks. In the end, it took me half an hour to reach the counter.

If I were to go again, I must go on the first day itself and be there an hour before it opens - which of course I wouldn't do. For what it's worth, I opt for comfort over price cut.


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