Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sweet surprise!

It was like any other sunday yesterday. In fact it was an unproductive sunday in the beginning… (you are supposed to do nothing all day and the fact that I actually didn’t do anything at all yesterday neither marketing nor housekeeping, although my every sunday is no different from any other days of the week, made it soo unproductive sunday. Anyway). Yesterday’s sunday turned out to be a special sunday. Oh I like surprises! Sweet and nice surprises only..

The surprise: Sha came by to the house and delivered JCO DONUTS and she did just that, didnt even stay for tea. All 12 JCo donuts for ME!!! (err right Sha, for me but as a good person, I should share with the rest of the family, kan?) Everybody was so excited, and the donuts were dazzlingly delicious. Especially the tiramisu. Thank you Sha, thank you very much. She was the one who work hard but I get rewarded. This is what I’m trying to say about keeping friends hahahahahahah

Frankly, since being a fulltime domestic goddess, the only donuts I get to try or eat are just my home-prepared donuts. Occasionally, I get to taste Big Apple donuts at brother in law’s house (tu pun serdak donut… we have a bunch of donut worshipper in the family - when a box of 12 is put on the table, they disappear in 15 secs). Other donuts I tasted were 3 bijik singgit donuts and also Dunkin Donuts - stopped buying Dunkin long time ago, tak berbaloi dengan harga and the 3 bijik singgit donuts also not too appetizing - terlampau ringan, macam makan angin je). That’s why I make effort to make my own donuts whenever the kids crave for some. 25 bijik they can wallop in just 1 hour. Save cost also maa!!

Nonetheless, the JCo Donuts courtesy of Sha are the very best donuts (after my own air tangan donuts of course - evah) mainly because they came as a surprise, particularly they were from Sha. I am very lucky to be surrounded by good and lucky friends.


  1. weiii it's only a dozen of jco my gfren...but m so glad that u love it esp the tiramisu...i ws wondering y u never mention the jackie chunck...d one surronded by peanut...didnt u try?
    of course it ws meant for u and only u ;) knowing u'll b accompanied by ur little batalion, i hv to make sure to put in sthg which can distract them from attacking the tiramisu, hence the other colourful donuts....
    M the one who shud b thanking u for all your motivational SMS throughout the most tiring exhausting week i ever had...lke i sd without u, the study week will turn to be a boring dull week...not that i meant it ws a fun exciting week though ..

    now since u've mentioned it....i wonder how Ida's air tangan donut will be like? hehheheh HINT HINT HINT HAHAHA

  2. never say it's only a dozen of jco ok, say 'it's the thot that counts so u better remember this one!' hahahaha i love the jackie chunk as well, didnt i mention it in the mail? n love love love the tiramisu. that's what friends r for, rite.. we support each other - i support u with motivational smses, u support me with jco donuts. hahahahaha thx again.

    u will sure get to taste my waterhand donuts soon. i just need to get the tiramisu recipe right first. hehe