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Books and I - v2006, 2007, 2008

Since 2006, I had somewhat a book pact where I make myself read books with a specific quota for the particular year. Below are my notes from 2006 right up to 2008 which I took from someplace else. If you ever get confused, just go with the flow. The reason I am putting an outdated note up here is for my record just so they intend to close down the someplace else where I had this note before, I still have my notes. Also as reference for my future 'Books and I' article. I am yet to come up with a version 2009 book pact which I intend to do though although it has already middle of March. 

Dec 2006
Buku dan diriku bukanlah sesuatu yang baru. Ehwah…. I like books especially story books la kan semestinya. Self improvement books I do have but I don’t read. How like that la?? I buy self improvement books even tho I don’t read them simply because of the guilty feeling deep down for spending so much on fiction… macam nak belen la konon. Heh heh so far cuma ada kurang dari 10 self improvement books yang tak habis dibaca. Dari nak belen jadi membazir la plak...Lain pulak dengan fictions. Bila dah mula chapter 1, dah jadi macam penagih.… tak sabar2 nak finish up the whole book. Tu yang jadi terbengkalai semua kerja2 penting like household chores and things like that. I could spend the whole morning after I wake up, say around 7 am up till 12 noon just reading. Tak pun stay up the whole night just to finish the book especially bila there’s about 2, 3 chapters more to go to finish. Arggghhh… the problem is I have tonnes of household chores that I must do.. yet I continue reading and reading and reading until some sense hit me and I wud say ‘okay, let me finish this important chapter first and I’ll attend to other important things right after’. And when I do come to the end of the chapter, I have to peek at what’s there in the next chapter. They are soooo unputdownable, a page turning unstoppable stuff. Sekali sudah mola, berapa susah mao berhenti daaaa….!!! 
Amongst the authors yang memberikan aku simptem2 ni ialah Jane Green's, Cecelia Ahern's, John Grisham's, Jeffrey Deaver's, Sophie Kinsella's.One lesson learnt – whatever you do, PRIORITISE!! Yeah rite… between house chores and books (plus all other things that I love for that matter).. house chores always come second or last, rite?? Errr At least in my case…..
Tahun ni Sha dan aku buat pact… or rather new year resolution, one of the many new year resolutions I must say (not that I have many or any)… that each month, we must finish reading at least one book. By end 2006, we must have at least 12 books and I am proud to announce to you all that as at to date, m on my 11thbook, The Brethren by John Grisham. Walaupun sebenarnya Sha dah mengalahkan aku dengan menghabiskan sebanyak 15 buah buku (ke lebih lagi dari tu, sha?? ) masa Oktober tu ari lagi. Pape pon.. that’s quite an achievement for me considering that I’ve never managed to finish more than 3 books in a year. 
Next year pun rasanya macam nak buat resolution yang sama…. nak Sha? or mrsag & jamie, nk buat joint new year reso ngan kitorg? or sesiapa la... jom kita baca sebuah buku setiap bulan. Nak jatuhkan sikit statistic yang mengatakan Malaysians ni jarang membaca… ke statistik/study tu sebenarnya fokus pada self improvement books and not fictions?
I better go now, nak habiskan The Brethren.. about 100 odd pages to go. Kalo tidak, tak cukup pulak quota aku nk break record tahun ni.btw sha, aku tak boleh habiskan The Imperial Woman la.... dah dekat sebulan lebih dah ni. Nak2 I have If You Could See Me Now waiting right after I finish The Brethren. but I'll try... hehehe dah 10x aku cakap I try ni......
Jan 2007
Dengan ini secara rasminya m announcing to the whole world wide web bahawa aku telah dapat mencapai quota 12 buah buku dalam tempoh masa 12 bulan. Yeeehaaaaaa!!! Celebrate celebrate celebrate!!!!This year, insha Allah aku akan buat perkara yang sama jugak. It will still be fiction nonetheless…Nak cuba baca non fiction tu cam susah le pulak… sbbnya kalo nak baca tu semua kena datang angin baru leh habis. 
Dulu beli “How To Stay Fit” kat warehouse sale.. ni kes dah tk ada apa nk beli tp nk beli jugak le.. plus sebelum tu ada kawan dok rekemen beli buku ni kalo nk diet, nk exercise seme. Dapat le habis 2 chapters…. Pastu sampai sekarang buku tu berabuk kat shelf. Kalo bukak pun sebab nak tengok gambar je. Tu pasal le sampai la nih diet program manjang kantoi jeks.Pastu, Jamie plak rekemen baca Stephen R Covey nye buku… 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People… since masa kat bookshop tu ternampak ‘7 Habits Of Highly Effective Families’, aku beli le tu instead of the one recommended by Jamie. Banyak gak muka surat yang aku baca…ada la dalam 100 gitu. Sampai sekarang memang cantik lagi buku tu… pastu bila abang ipar aku beli ‘The 8th Habit’ rasa cam nk baca jugak… hehehe tapi mana boleh baca bila the other 7 habits aku tk khatam lagi kan.At another book sale pulak, beli buku ‘The Breasts” by Dr Miriam Stoppard. Hey, this is not the disgusting book you might think it is… it’s about the most important part of the body, the breasts. I also have “Women’s Health”, can’t remember the author. Like the rest, buku2 ni pun tk habis baca.. setakat tengok gambar je. hehehe
Buku yang betul2 habis aku baca dan ulang dan ulang dan ulang dan buat reference ialah ‘Conception, Pregnancy & Birth’ by Dr Miriam Stoppard. Ha.. yang tu dah naik lunyai. You can really tell when you see the book and my brood =>. Lagi satu Dr Penelope Leach “Your Baby and Child: From Birth to Age Five”.And also “How to talk so your kids can learn” by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Despite having ‘khatamed’ this book, my kids still don’t learn. Aiyah… headache!!!
Other reading materials that I really can spend time reading are newspapers and magazines, not all magazines… just House Beautiful je, so far.. well ada la 2, 3 other home deco mags. Hehehe tu pun pasal dah kemaruk nak cari idea nak menyemakkan rumah, kalo tak.. hampehhh!!!
Come to think of it kan.. not bad jugak kalau dapat baca buku2 yang macam ni kan.. boleh menambahkan ilmu pengetahuan gitu. Nanti la.. perhaps I can try 1 or 2 self improvement book this year. As recommended by sha, I think I would want to buy Zig Ziglar “Secrets of Closing the Sale”… that is if I really want to start selling la. Hehehe yeah rite, yang ada pun tk terabis baca....
Last but not least, to my dear zanaz70, hehe sorry la tk include nama ang lam aku nye list jemputan. Dengan ini secara rasminya aku mengajak ang join impian untuk menghabiskan sebuah buku setiap bulan. Buku apa pon tk kisah…! sha dah divert her attention to financial magazines this year instead of books.. way to go gal, selamat seselamat selamatnya. mrsag pon dah setuju nak join sekali walaupun dia kata dia tak rajin membaca, yet to loan her my “If you could see me now”. Jamie tk sure whether or not she’s in but she’s so excited when I told her I’d give her a copy of Jeffrey Deaver’s book (hehe sorry dear, yet to put that in the mail…. Will do so soonest possible!) And ms tyra, if u r reading this.. i suppose u too can join the group. but perhaps your mama would want you to read those non fiction books la like Ulangkaji Sains for UPSR, Tips peperiksaan UPSR bla bla bla. heheheh and also to my other fellow student, Suzana O... mengadap assignment le gamaknya bahagian ko which also falls under the reading category too.. 
To kick off this new year reso, I will start with Imperial Woman by Pearl S Buck. Hmmmm dunno whether can finish or not. Apa2 pon… come June, I let u all know my progress.
Till the next time - Me - eagerly waiting for Jane Green’s new book scheduled to be released in July 2007. JULYYYY?????????? Lamanyaaaaaa. The other day saw Cecelia Ahern’s book on MPH shelf under the ‘recommended buy for Christmas 2006’ section but it was so pricey I had to reluctantly put it back on the shelf, but I got “If You Could See Me Now” instead. Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep A Secret was on 20% discount for MPH members only.. too bad, apparently m not a member. It was on 15% discount at Popular tho which I am a member but unfortunately it was not attractive enuf, I already read that one.. this time I want to own it therefore I need further markdown. Rosie Dunne was on 30% discount at MPH online purchase…. I actually have my own personal reservation about online dealings plus had also read that one but yet to own one. Saw Jeffery Deaver’s book that I haven’t read and John Grisham’s The Partner at Payless the other day… had to let that go as well as I had spent way, wayyyy beyond my budget. So there goes good bargains. I shall then wait for next round of bargains galore… or maybe I should just rent them instead of buy. What is it with me that I really have to buy these books rather than just borrow or rent them? The answer is – COLLECTION. Again, till the next time.
June 2007
Hallo everyone, esp to those who weally weally weally miss me. hik3 A short update as promised earlier. I have read 10 books to date. I consider that an achievement... sbb janjinya kan a book a month kan. so i sorta like over the required quota aldy.. m actually looking forward to 3 or 4 more books especially from jamie (she has got about 3 books that i can borrow but i just cant find time to get 'em). at the same time, m also looking forward to my trip to pay less books outlet cos here, like andy in advises, u can get cheap books. Cheap not cheap la.. like best selling authors u can get less than 20 bucks per book. NB: to those who r clueless about this andy guy, if u listen to hotlink ad in u surely know andy. 
One more thing, went to amcorp mall recently and noticed another new bookshop that sells cheap books. If pay less is selling old/used books, this bookshop is selling new books at attractive prices (aka cheap jugak la compared to mph n popular or any other bookstores for that matter). Feel like asking one of the peeps there. Well, sceptical mind like mine always think negatively - cheap new released books cud mean confiscated or illegal or smuggled stuff. ha ha ha ha sorry guys. Like this one salesperson told me la the other day at her LCD tv sales - bila kita jual murah, orang ingat barang rosak. bila kita jual mahal, orang komplen - Yepp!! That's rite, tis not easy to meet people's expectation or satisfaction. 
Ok back to books again, amongst the authors i read were jefferey deaver, jane green, john grisham, cecelia ahern, catherine coulter, janet evanovich and steve martin. M sorta taking a break on books rite now (dh lebih dr quota la maklum) toconcentrate on other things like:  baking, newly acquired hobby (like real). ha ha ha ha 
Btw, how did my other counterparts do in our book marathon? Jamie, i think she's done quite a number considering her weekly visits to kinokuniya at klcc. Mrsag? Zana70? suzana o? Sha.. the last time we talk about books, she blamed me for diverting her attention from financial mags to fiction, cant resist eh? sorry dear, the only financial stuff i care about is where my money goes je. heheheTalk to u later k. Gotta go.
Jan 2008
We are on books again (and i hope this is not the only subject i talk about hehe).January 2008 has already ended. How fast, eh? Seems like yesterday we watched the big fireworks at Dataran Merdeka.
Just for the record, last year I managed reading only 10 books, short of 2.. a decrease from the year before. (wah!! macam economic report plak!).This year, unfortunately due to the volume of tasks and chores entrusted under my 'ministry', (ceh!! like real but it IS for real, babe!), I don't think I can manage a book a month anymore. Am currently reading Mitch Albom 'Tuesdays with Morrie' which I started on the first day of January . It's a book you could finish overnight yet am somewhere in the middle of it and February is almost at its end.
I don't want to give up reading completely however, therefore I have decided that I do light readings, confined to articles maybe. Since storytime would be the best time spent with the two little people in my house, probably I do a lot of storytelling with them.
Nevertheless, when I manage to get My Girl's Best Friend and Shopaholic and Baby from sha, I hope I can be right on track again for this book-a-month thingy. When that happens, it's either I get all the chores done on time or I get to the chores when I'm done with the books. There's gonna be a lot of child-neglecting moments is all I can say. heh heh
Dec 2008
Not much to brag about when comes to reading this year though.. heh heh. To date, I managed only 3 books and am currently reading 1. The good thing is, I am still reading. Hope you have fun reading too.That's just it!

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