Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Introduction

Hello there! We may have known one another for some time. You may think you know me but you may not know me well enough or maybe you have already known me too well. Please let me tell you all about myself, what do I do… of late!

I am a mother of 3 girls and 2 boys. A stay at home mom since February 2007. Once upon a time I spent my day time in an office.

I am a financial controller. I get to manage (not spend) the monthly earnings and expenditure, in other words someone you can attack when there happens to be a shortage in the funding before the month ends.

I am a cook – quite a good one I must say. Hah! And also a baker. A waitress. Very much a maid.

I am a laundrette. An ‘iron’ lady – you know, iron as in ironing clothes. A cleaner. A gardener. A landscape architect – although my landscape design sucks. A garbage collector.

I am a driver. A blur teacher – I am so out of touch with the present syllabus the children learn at school, nonetheless I still teach. A hairdresser.

I am a punching bag – when they are not satisfied over things, when their days turn bad, they punch me left right front and back. And I’m a hitman (hitman/hitwoman) at the same time – when they have a fight with one another and it gets out of control, I hit them. Okay? Also a judge or referee.

I am a doctor – I decide whether a cut need to be stitched or applied minyak gamat, a bump or a knock need to be attended to by a real doctor or by a coldpack, a fever or flu need to be checked at the clinic or just by some left over fever syrup from the last visit at the doctors. A nurse.

I am a public relation officer – any communication with banks, schools, institutions, families (even the person who rings the doorbell who sometimes happen to be the neighbourhood watch committee member or someone selling something) or any enquiries for that matter, I am the Liaison Officer. I am a spokesperson. And an intermediary. A despatch.

I am a lousy entertainer – no matter how boring I am, how inappropriate my jokes are, how out of tune my singing is, the littlest one enjoy my company.

I am a travel agent, a holiday planner, a tourist guide and also a map.

I am an answering machine. A coffee maker and a dishwasher as well.

On top of all these, I am a self reliant person – I do everything myself although I don’t have the strength; self entertained – when I’m down, I kinda entertain myself; self healed – when I’m hurt, I, well, self heal.

How do you do?


  1. a very well written self-introduction....bravo gal!!! some are familiar to me(though the part abt cooking n baking tu, obviuosly does not apply here)..u forgot some important things...u r a SUPERMOM n a SUPERWOMAN!!!!

  2. yayy super super super... the actual reason why u become a super something is because there's no other people who want to do the things that need to be done so u come into picture because u just have to do all the things that need to be done. oh.. watevah!