Friday, August 15, 2008

Tale of a home-made marshmallow

I was made with lots of love and passion and affection. It’s all because of these reasons that the person who made me made me and because the children love marshmallow too, of course. You know, since she’s been a stay at home mom, she wants to do or make practically everything. Not that she’s very good in the cooking department, but more of cutting cost measure she will normally say. Plus, she’s always been suspicious of the ingredients used in the marshmallow the children always buy.

I was still in my ‘set’ mode when #3 asked whether or not I was ready. The recipe that she followed said to let me ‘set’ for a few hours. The other recipe says 3 hours. Personally, I am ready when they are. I think she was anxious too that she finally decided to follow the 3 hours ‘set’ time although she was a bit hesitant as she was running out of icing sugar which will be used to dust me in after the cutting process.

For a first timer, I’d say she did a good job. I was exactly like the marshmallow you buy on the shelf, perhaps even better. Hah hah Anyways, she took a bite and I saw the smile on her face. See, I toldya! She later surprised the kids with 10 pieces of freshly cut marshmallow. Quickly she went inside to work on the remaining. Fifteen minutes later, she went out and saw the untouched pieces. She really expected that the children would finish all up, you know since they all love marshmallow. What really went wrong? I mean, I was okay.

#3 said (yep, the one who couldn’t let me take my own time to ‘set’): too sweet la, I don’t like it when I felt the sugar! - (coming from someone who uses sugar as spread on bread). OUTRAGEOUS!!

#4 on the other hand said: It was not coloured pink or green or yellow like those I bought from the shop. I don’t want that! – OH COME ON!!! I’m speechless.

#2’s feedback wasn’t that bad: It was nice but it’s too sweet la…. – A bit comforting there.

#1 only took 3 pieces because she thought the mother wanted the entire marshmallow to herself. DUH!!!!

I’d say she was a bit frustrated with the outcome. She had a reason to be worried as there was another ¾ of me left on the tray. If the children didn’t want the marshmallow, who else would? I know she wouldn’t mind finishing it all up but she did it for the children. She just had to make the children eat me. So she went searching on the internet to find out how else would you eat a marshmallow. And when the children came back from school, she talked them into trying to eat the ‘sweet’ marshmallow with biscuits, you know like sandwich. So they did and they liked it. And you know what, by the second day when I was properly set I taste even better you see. The mother agreed as she couldn’t help but keep on popping the remaining marshmallow into her mouth. See, I toldya!!

As she swallowed the last piece, she was smiling and I knew it right then that she will be making another marshmallow soon. This time she will tint it pink or green or blue or orange or red. Oh by the way, #4 actually asked for a few pieces later that day, unfortunately there was none left.

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