Monday, June 23, 2008

Talk about annoyance

On normal days, it doesn’t bother me at the slightest but of late, I am easily annoyed and irritated especially on petty things. For instance, what Mr Postman does.

You see, postmen deliver mail on motorbikes, right? But that doesn’t give them the right to run into my gate just because the gate happens to be in their way. After all, that sidewalk is not meant for motorbikes although it is easier way to deliver the mail. Whatever it is, it’s not right to hit the gate. What if by doing so the gate will be damaged? What if by doing so will cause some cracks to the concrete that holds the gate which eventually will cause the concrete to collapse? Do they even care let alone cover the cost of repairing the concrete and installing the gate? What I am trying to say is it’s not like everyday the gate is in their way. If I can compromise on you using the sidewalk as your motor route just because you are so lazy to use the designated road to deliver the mail, so please lah also compromise the gate if it is in your way, don’t bang into it because the reason I leave it open is I am lazy to close it as I am only going out for a short while. Is it too much to ask?????

Secondly, I have a tiny passion for gardening. I have plumbago, some asian jasmine, portulaca and not to mention some herbs (do u call kunyit, cekur, kesum, pudina, limau, kari herbs???). I made it a point the plants have to be disease resistant plants. You know, it’s a cross of rajin and malas in gardening (do you have a special term for that?) where you can plant and leave them to grow without having to give special attention and yet they will have nice and beautiful blooms. All is well until recently my pokoks are infested with CATERPILLARS!!!! I HATE THEM!! I seriously hate them. Of all the houses here, why mine? Why me?? Worse still, they infest my plumbago - my favourite plant! Yikess!! I have aphids problem but I have no problem with aphids really but caterpillars???? To make it even worst, I don’t have anyone who can help me remove the pests even if the one available in the house helps, he will make fun of me and start teasing me with the caterpillars. But I’m not giving up although I really feel I need to chop the plants off save me the squirmy feeling everytime I catch sight of the caterpillars, I’m looking up for some remedy over the internet. Good luck to me!

Thirdly, the cats. I have a little space at the back of the house where the cats like to poop. The thing is a good stretch of houses in my row are all renovated and even have concrete walls and that leaves about a few houses that are not renovated like mine. And there are abouts 3, 4 stray cats there. I never welcome them but they seem to like my house. (I’m beginning to wonder what actually attracts the insects and the cats to my house, I don’t even like them!). I had all possible exit blocked and I was happy for a little while until yesterday. Ugghh!! There was cat ‘poop’ in my yard. Have some serious checking to do today.

The fourth one: this constant distraction and interruption I get when I’m cracking my heads for ideas to write in this blog. Not just writing, but also when I am reading. And even when I am in the toilet. Although I am a mother and the only adult in the house during the day, I need my space too. I need to be able to do the things I like too when and where and how I want it, just like the little people. When ideas come flowing, you must take action immediately, true? Yet every now and then, they are beside me with about 10 questions to ask which are sooo important that they can’t wait until later to ask. 

I really hope I get thru this phase soon.

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