Friday, September 12, 2008

I am not a supermom. I am a Mission: Impossible Mom

What am I doing? Ramadhan sudah tiba, dah 11 hari pun. Tapi kenapa dengan aku? What am I trying to prove here by doing gardening, sewing, baking during Ramadhan apart from the day to day chores? C’mon!! It’s Ramadhan. It’s time to spend buat lebih ibadah, tadarrus for instance or the least is listen to ceramah agama on radio or channel OASIS. Yet here I am with my busy mind trying to do the impossible.

I have an 11th month old baby who is very clingy, who feels abandoned if I don’t pick him up everytime I pass by him, who is, at the same time, learning to walk. I have 3 schooling children who I must ferry to school, once in the morning, twice at noon and once at 5.30pm. I have Grey’s Anatomy season 3 show which is being aired everyday at 10 am over at CH711 which I am a keen follower and I can’t miss and don’t want to miss. I have the buka puasa menu which I must get done before the baby wakes up (around 4 if I’m lucky, else 3pm) and before #1 is due home (5.30pm). Although buka puasa time not due until 7.15 (and it’s been ‘faster’ each day – I’m thinking at the end of the 30th day of Ramadhan, we may possibly be buka puasa at 6.59pm), upon coming back from fetching #1, I have to bathe #5 as well as set the table. To some, they could do so many things in that 1 hour period but obviously not in my case. I also have a basket full of clothes that need to be ironed and I must tell you that it’s piling up each day.

And here I am thinking or rather planning to rearrange the garden – front and back if you should know, sew the baju kurung for all 3 girls (kain was bought last year but never made it to tailor on time, hence brought forward to this year), bake some raya cookies (some here could be 3 types). Those are the things that I have in mind right now.

I know.. I know.. gardening can wait till after raya. The thing is I can’t get it out of my head. It’s in my mind all the time. The only thing that can make me forget about it is to get it done fast. While it would be easier to buy the baju kurung for the girls (I mean, for all the hassle and trouble I go through sewing the baju, for all u know they only wear it once – di pagi raya) but the thing is the kain was given by my mom, I promised her I get the baju done for them. Tu la pasalll!!! (Did I mention about the dining chair covers I plan to sew as well and this coming Raya is the deadline?) And the cookies… it’s more of getting into the Raya mood actually. And why 3 types is because all four children have different preference– I am not letting them accuse me of favouring one or the other. Also the 3 types has not included the type of cookies I like, okay which means, if you allow me to explain, could be more than 3 – am really thinking of almond london, almond shortbread, almond slice, almond this almond that, choc chip, honey snap, biskut nestum bla bla bla. Raya cookies are expensive and with 5 kids, I don’t think it’s wise to buy from outside.

I am not a supermom. I am a Mission: Impossible Mom. Why? Because all these things I have in mind are impossible, far from accomplishable (is there such a word?). Not only I don’t get the help, nor do I  have the time. But here I am, still thinking about the gardening, the sewing and the baking.


  1. a very well written self-introduction....bravo gal!!! some are familiar to me(though the part abt cooking n baking tu, obviuosly does not apply here)..u forgot some important things...u r a SUPERMOM n a SUPERWOMAN!!!!

  2. yayy super super super... the actual reason why u become a super something is because there's no other people who want to do the things that need to be done so u come into picture because u just have to do all the things that need to be done. oh.. watevah!