Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mission Impossible Update

So. It’s already 8 Syawal 1429H. Here’s the update of the mission I set last Ramadhan.

I am happy to announce that the gardening project has been successfully launched on first week of Ramadhan. I’d say the garden is a work-in-progress. I am attending to it every other day and very happy with the development.

As impossible as the mission is, the sewing projects are pending. I had the baju kurung for the girls cut, sewed but not finished. That was the reason why I had to rush to Jalan TAR on Raya eve. Same goes to the cushion covers and the curtains. As Ramadhan already ended, only time will tell when the sewing will be done.

Cookie making
This is an 80 per cent successful project. Amidst the chaotic schedule, I managed 4 types, none of which involved almond this n almond that. Need not worry as I plan to make more cookies.

And that was it. You must also know that the routine tasks and chores are still in their pre-Ramadhan form - untouched or slightly touched. What’s important is there’s progress.

The impossible mission is like having your own private amazing race - boosts your morale, makes you feel good and prove that you are capable of doing anything under pressure. That you are good.


  1. so whats in ur garden? cnt wait to c or perhaps few pics 2 b posted in FB?
    cookie? masih ada lagi saki bakinya utk kwn2 yg nak dtg beraya? btw, bila aku blh dtg berjalan raya?
    curtain? hmmmm m yet to get my curtain babe!!!!!!!

  2. heh heh too early la to post pix on fb. it's like hutan baru lepas diterangkan je. shy la....! no saki baki, looks like i have to make them all over again. very like hot cakes u know... kejap je habis. kuih raya is meant for ppl nak datang beraya kan... kat rumah aku more like snack. biskut raya tu like biskut la.. kejap ada, kejap tkde! habis tu dh mak plak bila buat kuih raya, buat yang anak makan maka itulah kesudahannya. weii.. datang la tp bagi advance notis.. cehwah! nk datang mengejut pun no hal.. takut kau terkejut plak nanti! hahahaha weiii.. with that nice backdrop, i don't think u ever need a curtain la. dont worry about it.