Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Retail Therapy Experience

I was at Jusco Members’ Day Special (JMDS), Cheras Selatan yesterday. At first, I thot it wasn’t a good idea to go to this particular sale knowing how congested, how packed the location would be also I don’t have any important items to buy altho I have quite a list of things I want to buy but none of them is a necessity. However, I still went.

As the building came into sight, I could see a lot of cars parked by the roadside. By the roadside, okay, not at the parking lot. And it was about 1km away from the shopping mall entrance. Wow!! So what they said about JMDS is true, huh? That there’ll be packed with cars and, of course, people. I was contemplating whether or not to join the others park outside. Then again if I have to walk that far to the crime scene, I might as well drop the plan off. After all shopping experience has to be less stressed. If I couldn’t get a parking, I planned to go back, after all I don’t have anything important to buy, remember? I was lucky as I got a very enviable spot for parking – near the lift lobby. Wow! That was only the beginning and already it was good. I wonder what was waiting inside for me.

At the lift lobby, there was this couple, each with empty trolly, who was telling the other patrons to get their trolly from the parking lot because it would be hard to get one once you are in Jusco. I had the urge to go find one actually but backed out somehow as I was telling myself I didn’t have much to buy anyway. I could manage without one. I took in jamie’s word who said trolly would slow you down. Yup! I needed to walk my way fast.

It was 12.20pm. I supposed that was one of the best time to be there although they said whoever wants to take part in this sale must be there before Jusco opens, i.e. 9.00 am. There were a lot of people, there were still rooms and space. Maybe the numbers would pick up around 3 or 4. My first destination was children’s department. I passed by the household department and was itchy to go look for some glasses or bowls or whatever but due to time constraint, I had to let that go (which actually means – I will come back later). Frankly, I just wanted to buy a pair of shoes for #5.. he has already outgrown the one we bought 2 months back. My reason being there was just to experience the commotion. Oh I tell you… that department was packed – with mommies, daddies, kiddies and babies too. And even grannies, alright. I began searching at one section, then another, then another. 20 minutes had passed, I hadn’t found any but found myself looking at belts, girls’ shoes and at people. Before I entered Jusco, my mission was to find the shoes and spend maybe two hours the most and then rush back home. Yet, half an hour had passed and I was still at children’s department, shoes section. Rambang mata la tu….!!! Finally, after arguing with what’s needed and what’s wanted up here, I got one pair. Then I remembered #5 needs a pair of pants. He only has one, and the other one is a hand-me-down and it was JMDS, I think he should get another new one. I began searching from one bin to another. That was already half an hour. Then I saw the 70% discount for Miki Kids, Padini Authentics, Poney brand and I told myself, if I were to go for J-Baby or J-Kids brand (you get the same price on a non-sale day too), why waste time be here at all. So I joined the others rummaging into the bins for #5 and #3 jeans and shirts. After about 40 minutes, I left the section and went to search for cashier when I saw Kiko brand on 50 and 70% discount. And I hadn’t got #4 anything yet. Another 20 minutes there. It was so hard to decide when you have so many good choices and on a budget. After paying my purchases, off I went to men’s department.

Lucky I called him. He said I don’t have to buy anything for him and should just carry on with the things I want to buy. That saved me nearly a 30 minutes of decision making process. I made a very quick pick for #1 and #2 shirts and undergarments and made my way back. As if. Because I hadn’t forgotten the household department, okay. But I really had to go back by then so I made a quick selection on a 50% off bowls. I was already outside Jusco when I remembered I had to buy a dust-bin for the house (yeah, like it was on a 70% off!). So in I go again. It was SOOO difficult to leave!

Sale period is not for small children,everyone knows that, I know. You could hear the crying, the wailing, the whining of those little children while the parents are engrossed with their shopping. It’s annoying I must say but I pity them. Sometimes we shoppers have to be selfish. I mean, when you talk about JMDS you just have to be there. You ignore the cries because JMDS is only once at each Jusco outlet and that’s how the Jusco people say thank you to you for being their valued customers. When people say thank you, you must appreciate, don’t you? You have to support them more so that they will give more in return. You just have to take part in the JMDS. Bring the children or leave them at home, this is the sale you should never miss.That was what I thought before. But then again, if you don’t have any beddings or curtains or comforters or anything that concerns the bedroom or deco for the house for that matter, it’s best if you could stay at home playing with the kids. Because they really give good bargain for these items you know plus they even have happy hour – more bargains during this hour. Ah.. you may have already known this. And if you only plan to buy just 3, 4 shirts and jeans or pants for the children, come back again when the normal sale is on (I am actually talking about myself hahaha). I observed from the pile of pants I went through at those so called branded bins, the items were ridiculously priced. A baby pants cost RM69.00 – RM89.00. In fact, they were priced at par with those above 3 -12 size (nonetheless I took 2 pieces – hehe). I was shocked and wonder if that was the real price or was it only for JMDS because those items were on 70% discount, you see.

I met a few interesting people by the way. A very nice salesperson who under a lot of stressed and demands that she had to put up since morning, she managed a smile when I asked for a shoe size. Not many salesperson is like that, what’s more on a very busy day like JMDS. One lady who got carried away with the bargain forgot her pouch which she put on one of the piles of babyclothes. There was also a lady whom I met while queuing who told me she had been there since 9.00 am. She didn’t push any trolly but what she did was everytime she bought something, she would put them in the car. The time I met her was already 3.15 pm and she didn’t mention about going home soon. A fellow shopper who is helpful enough to provide RM50 change to the cashier just so she could return my change. Funny how we get acquainted with other shoppers during this sales period – we become a very supportive friend who would pass the shirt she was looking for whenever we came across with one, who highlighted to you that the bowl you bought has got some scratch on it, who wouldn’t mind you putting your things on her trolly in a jam packed lift. And above all this, who put up patiently with your huge purchases manned by a slow cashier.

In essence, I agree with my other half – comfort comes with a price. If you prefer a relaxed shopping, avoid JMDS. No fuss, no discount.

As I left the building, I could hear the salesperson calling me (I think) – for 30 minutes only, come grab Windsir spring pillow at RM10.00. Hurry! Hurry!!

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