Monday, December 6, 2010

The joy of giving

First and foremost, a question: if you give someone something, would you expect them to keep or to use? For instance, a water container or a towel or a mug? Do you really expect the gifts to last a lifetime?

The most thing that I like when comes to giving is the look on the recipient face. You'd find joy and honesty and sincerity. And of course if I give something, I do expect the recipient to put it to good use. And if it breaks or wears out or not in the form when it was first given, I'm grateful for they really put the gifts to good use. Nothing ever last in this world anyway.

If in case you are thinking of the appropriate gift for me at this moment, it would be a KitchenAid mixer.

Uhmmm just so you know why I raise this gifting issue, I actually recently accidentally broke a mug given by a dear friend who bought it when she was in Sydney, year 2000. This incident happened just about a month after I accidentally broke another mug bought by a dear friend too when she went to Hong Kong for holiday. Although I paid for it but the fact that it was one of my precious collection of mugs, it was indeed a great loss. Both of the mugs were indeed a great loss. Just so you know.

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