Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Cooking Day

It all started last Saturday.. (well, actually I had this on mind looooonnngg before but didn't really give a serious thought about it). The stove was kinda spotless clean except some stubborn spots, so stubborn even with my superpower effort can hardly remove them and it is pointless spending hours n hours to scrub them off, they won't go away. Never mind that but what's important is the stove IS. CLEAN. For the record, my stove is nothing like other people's stove where after each use they will wipe it clean. Mine will go unwiped with the spills, the stains, the grease on it for as long as my eyesight can bear... usually weeks, there are the unusual time though which takes nearly month and a half. No time lah... And also, since it's already been cleaned, I think I should do what other people do - wipe it clean after each use. uhmm I'll try......!

Ok, back to what I want to tell you alls. Since the stove is clean so I declared last Saturday as a 'No Cooking Day'. For 5 days in a row I've been spending most of my time in the kitchen, I deserve a day off, uhmm perhaps TWO DAYS off. Good eh? Plus am sure the stove, the utensils, the cutleries, basically everything in the kitchen need some time off too. Also it's like 'sayang' to dirty the stove after all the effort and time spent cleaning the mess. And I took the day off. The day was spent practically doing nothing - nothing to do with any chores - no cleaning, no washing, no ironing, no mopping and of course no cooking... NOTHING!!! Feet up, hair down! WOW!!!!

And it felt nice. And I felt refreshed. And I think I should do this more often. Therefore, I hereby declare that every Saturday is a No Cooking Day. Of course it's no harm to extend it to Sunday, right? And also under circumstances, the off-day be granted on other days too..... you know like how schools have mid-term break, summer holiday and all.

M the happiest cook in the whole world!!

Wait! I have an idea. If Saturdays would be a No Cooking Day, can Sundays be a Do Nothing Day, Mondays a No Washing Day, Tuesdays a No Cleaning Day, Wednesdays an All-Day TV Day, errr make that Tuesdays and Thursdays too and Fridays an Official Off Day? PERFECT!!!


  1. i wish!!! well it can be a Do Nothing Day all week provided u get a MAID !! then definitely we can lepak for a round of kopi mahal..hehehe...

  2. me? everyday is no cooking day..hehhehehe

  3. ehhh...can copy cat yr idea laa....GOOOOOD one !!!

  4. actually mrsag.. having someone that you can boss around is a great idea rather than being bossed by 6 bosses at a time. i really need a round of kopi mahal la.
    sha... how i wish!
    idasaiful.. i guess that's been a dream of all mommies, rite?